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Additive manufacturing TA32 titanium alloy powder research and development results-excellent mechanical properties

Many companies entered the metal powder market after the development of additive manufacturing. In the rapid-growing additive manufacturing business, titanium alloys (and superalloys) have steadily become the dominant materials. The requirements for additive manufacturing require that titanium alloys and hightemperature alloy powders be of unique size and purity. This is to ensure stable component production.

As the aerospace industry has grown rapidly, and especially with the advancement of high-speed vehicles and engines, there has been a significant increase in titanium alloy material demand. For aircraft that have a reduced weight or high thrust to-weight ratio, titanium alloys can be found in blades, compressor wheels, integral blade disks (casings), rotors, missile rudders wing skeletons cabins and engine inlets—manufacturing airway and other components. Higher requirements have been placed on titanium alloys for their use due to aerospace vehicles’ performance. The development of high-temperature Titanium alloys is possible.

Canadian patent-pending plasma milling technology will allow a Canadian company to manufacture high-sphericity powders of titanium alloy for use in aerospace manufacturing and the medical industry. Plasma milling will be utilized by the company to produce metal additive production powders. One of the advantages of plasma milling is its ability to create metal powders that are spherical and with high particle size distribution and high fluidity. This process closely resembles additive manufacturing. In addition, the company is developing next-generation plasmamilling equipment that will produce many additive manufacturing metals as well as composite powders.

TA32 titanium alloy, whose nominal composition is Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn-3Zr-1Mo-0.5Nb-0.7Ta-0.3Si, is a new type of near-alpha titanium alloy newly developed. It has a low temperature of 550. With its good creep, long-lasting and excellent properties it can be expected to replace other steel- or Nickel-based superalloys. Its short-term service temperature is 600F. The material has great comprehensive mechanical properties. These include tensile strength, fatigue resistance, creep and creep.

Cold Crucible Vacuum – Induction Molten Gas Atomization Pulverizing VIGA CC

Additive Manufacturing.

This technology makes use of water-cooled copper crucible vacuum smelting gases atomization to produce TA32 titanium alloy. This technology uses electromagnetic heating to melt titanium alloy rods using a water-cooled coppercrucible. Molten steel is created by bottom injection. It forms a small, stable flow when the liquid is introduced to the guide tube. If the mixture liquid flows past the nozzle into the atomizing nasal, then the high-speed atomizing airflow is generated. Fine powder particles are formed by this high production efficiency.

The TA32 titanium powder made by this process has great properties. This includes high purity. High sphericity. High fluidity. TA32 was subject to a variety of performance tests. Particle sizes ranged from 15 to 53m. Nitrogen content was 190ppm. Hydrogen content was 50ppm. The actual content of many impurities was much lower than required by the GB / TR3620.1-2016 standards. These properties were also tested. The powder had a median particle diameter of 36m. There was also a bulk density at 2.4 g/cm3. It was tested for its physical properties.

TA32 titanium alloy, powder laser selective melting, and forming performance

TA32 Titanium alloy powder underwent laser selective melting 3D print forming tests. The metallographic analysis results demonstrated that the grain size was quite small in the TA32 powder for laser selective melting forming. Furthermore, results from mechanical testing of the test specimen showed that it had a tensile strength of 1200 MPa and an elongation value of 8% at roomtemperature. The high-temperature test pieces show tensile strengths up to 867 MPa. 819MPa. 712MPa at 500°C. 550°C. 600°C.

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