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Air Entraining Agent in Concrete

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In concrete mixing, air-entraining agents are able to add a number of very small, uniform air bubbles that will reduce the bleeding and sedimentation. This can improve mixability, the workability of the concrete and greatly improve the overall quality.
Description of the air entraining agent
This is an air-entraining agents that allows for the introduction of large quantities of equally distributed, tiny bubbles of air into the concrete mixer to lower bleeding and segregation.

What exactly is an air entraining device?
A majority of entraining agents for air are anionic. The water-air interface is where the hydrophobic group moves in the same direction as the air. Hydrated particles make a hydrophobic-adsorption layer and are closest to the surface. Concrete mixing creates large amounts of fine bubbles. Because they share the same charge these air bubbles can repel each others and be dispersed evenly.
Many anionic air-entraining chemicals have calcium salt precipitation and are added to cement solutions. This can help prevent bubbles delaminating.

Technical Parameter of an air entraining device

HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ Main component Appearance Density(g/cm3) pH(1% Water Solution) refractive index (20) viscosity(20,Sp2,100rpm) Standard

The alkyl ether anionic overfactant

Colorless, Yellowish or Clear Liquid 1.03±0.02 6.0-8.0 1.21~1.48 300-1500

Specifications of Air Entraining Agent
1. The remarkable characteristic of this product is its ability to produce fine, consistent, and durable air bubbles.
2. It will improve concrete’s workability, as well as its pumpability.
3. Water secretion is inhibited and segregation is prevented.
4. This improves freeze-thaw resistance, durability.
5. You can reduce the loss of slump.
6. It’s suitable for forming concrete for hydraulic and marine projects.
7. It’s suitable for many mortars.

Use air entraining substances in concrete
1. Improving the workability concrete mixtures
2. Significantly enhance the frost resistance and impermeability of concrete.
3.Reduce concrete strength. The average concrete strength decreases by 1% when its cement content is increased by 1%.

Precautions regarding air entraining
1. This product is completely safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
2. Get rid of any that get in the eyes.
3. It is important to consult a physician immediately if there are any allergic reactions in any area of the body.

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