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Alumina Fiber Application Field

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Alumina fibers offer lower heat conductivity, thermal shrinkage, or heat capacity. The temperature at which it can be used for long periods is 1300 1400°C. It is more than aluminum silicate (1000 11100°C). It can be used in acidic environments as well, oxygenizing atmospheres, reducing atmospheres, vacuum, and other oxidizing and reducing atmospheric conditions. While it does have some resistance to alkaline environments and corrosion, it is easy to be eroded by vanadium peroxide as well. This fiber has a remarkable energy saving and is used in heat insulation furnaces. This furnace can boost the product output to large degrees in batch operation. Additionally, the furnace is an alumina-carrier, which can be used to transport catalysts in chemical industries. Material to be used in insulation for nuclear reactors as well as space shuttles.
The industrial high-temperature field furnace is a great energy saver. High-temperature resistance is an outstanding property of the alumina short fibre. The material is used as a heatinsulating refractory and body lining for a metalurgical furnace, ceramic sintering oven, or other hightemperature furnace. Alumina short fiber is very low in density. Due to its high heat insulation, and small heat capacities, it can be used as a heat shield. In high-temperature furnaces, alumina fibre is more efficient in energy saving than traditional refractory mortar or high temperatures coating. You save more energy than you lose in heat. Because heat loss has been reduced, the furnace gas can be strengthened. Convective warmth transfer is used to heat the furnace wall more efficiently and pass it on to the material using the national emblem. It increases both the heating speed and the production capability of the material.
Highlights in Environmental Protection and Recycle Applications:
They are excellent in chemical resistance and used as environmental protection or recycling materials. After the burning of electronic waste, the alumina fibril still exhibits its outstanding corrosion resistance to various toxic substances. Therefore, it can be used in environmental protection and recycling technologies. The aluminum alloy plugging process can be performed with the saffil fiber. It expands at a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius less than pure alloy, which helps ensure that the piston matches well with the cylinder, saving you fuel and making the piston match better.

Enhanced composite material performance:
Both the alumina microfiber and the metallic matrix exhibit good interfacial interaction and wettability. As a result, mechanical properties such as wear resistance, hardness, durability, and heat expansion are all improved. Automotive piston groove components and rotary compressor blades can be made from alumina fibre reinforced metal matrix. Additionally, because the alumina is well-bonded to the matrix resin, its elasticity is greater than that of carbon fiber. The composite material is also stronger and more versatile. The alumina resin composite material can be used to produce high-strength fish rods in various colors as well as golf balls, snowboards and tennis rackets.
Long fiber Alumina reinforced metal composites consist of long fibers. These are mostly used in high load mechanical parts and hightemperature highspeed rotating parts. Device, etc. It has been used by researchers in the lining thermonuclear heat exchanger cooling reactors.
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