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Aluminum Oxide Used for lithium battery Diaphragm

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What is a Ceramic Diaphragm and how does it work? A special ceramic coating diaphragm made from PE or PP multi-layer Composite diaphragms. To cover the surface of the diaphragm, a nano-sized aluminum oxide layer is applied. This unique process involves special techniques to attach the layer to substrate. The lithium-ion battery’s high-temperature reliability and safety is significantly increased by this coating. Special ceramic-coated diaphragms can be used for power batteries. The minimum required for lithium-ion batteries charging is the use of diaphragms
The performance of the diaphragm will have an impact on interface structure as well as internal resistance. The capacity of the battery and its safety performance as well charging density, charge density, and the way it performs in a cycle all depend on these factors.

These are the qualities that must be fulfilled:
This product has exceptional chemical stability, including resistance to organic solvents.
High mechanical property, high tensile strength, puncture resistance, and superior mechanical properties.
High thermal stability. Very low thermal shrinkage. The melting point is very high.
Because of the electrolyte’s high wettability it is possible to absorb very little liquid.

aluminum dioxide can also be used to coat ceramics in battery diaphragms.

Ceramic diaphragm made with Alumina.
1. The consistent particle sizes make it easy to adhere them to diaphragms.
2. High purity Alumina is therefore safe to use without risk.
3. Essential is the compatibility of an electrolyte and alumina cristal.

Advantages of Aluminum Coating Diaphragms
Resistance to extreme temperatures
It is resistant to heat extremes and retains its original form, even when heated up to 180° Celsius.

The safety and resistive properties of Alumina-coated Batteries can be reduced by HF free levels.

High magnification
Nano-alumina, which is a strong solution to lithium batteries can be used. This can increase the cycle efficiency and magnification.

Good wettability:
Alumina powder measures only nanometers in size and is extremely liquid-absorbent.

Unique self-turn-off characteristics:
It prevents thermal runaway by using closed-cell polyolefin dialiaphragms

Low self-discharge rate:
Micropores have a curvature that absorbs more alumina from diaphragms than normal. The self-discharge rate for micropores is also lower than that of the standard diaphragm.

By increasing the length and frequency of your cycles, you can extend the life expectancy.

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