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Application and Preparation of Stearic Acid Amide

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What is Stearic Acid Amide

stearic Acid amide (white emulsion) is used widely as an additive in synthetic materials, such as rubber, plastics, chemical fibers, coatings and chemicals. This unique chemical structure not only improves the performance of polymer-resin processing, but can also give products a high degree of application performance.

Stearic Acid Amide: Characteristics and uses

Stearic Acid amide is harmless, non-toxic and does not pollute. This acid is easily dispersed in water. Inks, leather and leather coatings are the main uses of this ink. To improve slip resistance, resistance to abrasion, and anti-blocking. It is also used in textile post processing additives, paper coatings or thermal paper sensitizers.

Preparation Stearic Acid Amide

In order to attain the dispersion effect of water-based water-based steroids acid amide, dispersing and emulsifying agents must be used. Although the water-based stearic acids amide emulsion has good dispersion properties, even with dispersant and emulsifier, there is still a high possibility of precipitation. Long-term storage may also cause flocculation or stratification. First, add the water-based water-basedstearic Acid amide to water. Then stir for 60 minutes (stirring rate is 2500r/min). Next, add defoamer (stirring pace is 2500r/min). Finally stir for 40 minutes (stirring frequency is 2500r/min). To obtain the aqueous solution of stearic Acid amide. This prepared water-based, stearic-acid amide-amide emulsion contains a solid content 41.7% by mass and has a viscosity (146 mPa*S). Then add defoamer and preservative and stir for 40 minutes at 2500r/min. After 30 minutes centrifugation at 20000r/min is completed.

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