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Application of Spherical Alumina

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The properties of Spherical Allumina

It’s a nonsticky, fine-spherical and spherical allumina that has outstanding characteristics, including resistance to heat, resistance to heat, resistance to corrosion and hardness. This alumina is widely used in electronics, aerospace and metalurgical sectors. High-tech field.

Aluminum Spherical

1. Ceramic additives

The problems associated with ceramics can be solved by using them as a low-temperature, low-application range and poor durability. Add 5.0% of Alumina powder to your traditional ceramics. This makes ceramics stronger and allows for higher sintering temperatures.

2. Composite materials

You can use the nano-spherical powdered alumina to make ceramic composite materials or artificial teeth.

3. Protective coatings for surfaces

You can spray powdered balls made of alumina on metals, plastics, and other materials for hardening. They can also be used to protect machinery, knives, and chemical pipelines.

4. Materials for optical purposes

Ultraviolet radiation absorption is extremely high for small and nano-sized alumina particles. It has a wavelength of less than 250nm. The blueshift phenomenon (microultraviolet absorbtion) can help you to absorb Alumina powder. Although it produces dangerous ultraviolet light the phosphor has bright glowing eyes. There are nanospherical versions of alumina that can be used to make transparent ceramics for sodium lamps. You can use rare and unusual-earth colors as the luminescent material in luminous lamps. The primary fluorescent material will be made from it, which is also used to make future luminous lamps.

5. Semiconductor material

A nano-scale powdered spherical Aluminium is highly sensitive to humidity.

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