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Application Prospect of New Type Functional Material Nitinal Powder

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What’s nitinol?

Nickelol powder, a form of material known as shape memory alloy is one example. The nickel-titanium alloy powder’s specific surface area is 12.3, and its bulk density is 0.15. Its powder color is dark. Cleansing the equipment can be done with Nitinol from plasma rotating electrode. Nitinol powder is also known for its shape-recovery capabilities. The powder can return to its former form once it has deformed at a particular temperature.

Property of the nitinol powder

Additional special features of Nitinol Powder include high damping and corrosion resistance as well as anti-wear. Plasma Rotating Electrode Process is one method to produce nickel-titanium alloy powder. The powder of nickel-titanium alloy is cylindrical and does not have any obvious changes in its chemical composition.

Apply nitinol powder

One of the key components in intelligent material structure is nickel titanium shape-memory alloy. It’s a unique functional material that incorporates driving and sensing. It is a valuable theoretical and practical research tool. A nickel-titanium form memory alloy with excellent medical potential prospects is an functional material that has high strength, low corrosion resistance, great biocompatibility, and good non-toxicity. A slight temperature increase of 20300 can restore the temperature stored by the parent phase, after the low temperature phase has been deformed. The shape memory nickel-titanium alloy spring has an expansion rate greater than 20%. It also has a fatigue life of up to ten years. This makes it a versatile tool in medical disciplines such as orthotics and stomatology. Nickel-titanium’s shape memory alloys, which are made of nickel and titanium, have been a crucial part of the treatment of many types of fractures in recent years.

Biocompatibility and biocompatibility of the nickel-titanium alloy memory alloy

It is important to determine whether or not shape memory alloys are safe for human use. Good biocompatibility materials will not trigger allergic reactions and will not release any ions to the blood. Tanmen is able to live for an extended period of time within the human body. Harmful reactions. Allergies and inflammation of the organism are strongly linked to biocompatibility.

While nickel is essential for living, it can also be toxic. Research has shown that nickel long term exposure can result in anemia and chronic rhinitis. The biocompatibility of titanium and its compounds is excellent, and they are used often in internal orthopedic plants. A layer of TiO2 non-toxic can form around titanium after the material has been oxidized. The titanium alloy’s erosion can be prevented by this oxide layer, which is safe for the human body. The corrosion resistance of nickel-titanium alloys is better than that for stainless steel, according to erosion testing. NiTi form memory alloys are generally biocompatible.

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