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Application scope of instant sodium silicate

What’s the definition of sodium silicate (alkali metal silicate)? Water can dissolve this silicate. More than 50 types of sodium silicate have been deeply processed. Many are used in precision, cutting-edge and high-tech fields.

Places to use sodium silicate

1. Weather resistance can be increased by painting porous surfaces. To increase the strength, compaction and impermeability in porous materials, such as silicate concrete, cement concrete, clay bricks, and clay bricks, water glass can be used with a density greater than 1.35g/cm.

2. Stabilize your soil. Alternately you could inject the soil using water glass or calcium chloride. Silicic acid gel can be formed when the soil absorbs moisture.

3. A quick-setting waterproofing product is recommended.

4. Cracks in brick walls can be fixed. To make brick walls suitable for water glass, you can combine sodium fluorosilicate powder with granulated blast furnace dirt, sand, or sand. This can be used to reinforce and bond brick walls.

5. Fire doors can be made with sodium silicate for an outer layer.

6. For furnace liner, you can make acid-resistant concrete with this cement.

7. You can use this to create silicate products like silica gel.

8. The light industry is dependent on this raw material, particularly for laundry powder and soap detergents. Also, it is a crucial raw material for light industry soaps and detergents such as laundry powder. This serves as both a watersoftener as well as a settling aid.

9. Aidive dyeing of textiles, which includes bleaching and sizing.

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