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Application Technology of Cuprous Oxide

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What exactly is Cuprous Oxide, and how can it be used?

Cuprous Oxide An oxide of univalent Copper with the molecular form Cu2O. It is reddish to reddish brown, crystalline, or powder. This oxide is insoluble with water and organic solvents. However, it is soluble or dilute hydrochloric acids, dilute ferric acid, and ammonium chlorineide solution. Dissolve in a solution of concentrated ammonia to form a colorless complex Cu(NH3)2+, which is oxidized in air to blue [Cu(NH3)4(H2O)2]2+.Cuprous oxide is decomposed into copper and oxygen at 1800. While it remains stable in dry air and slowly oxidizes to copper oxide in humid air,

Cuprous Oxide preparation method

Cuprous oxide can be prepared in three ways. The first is dry. After the impurities have been removed, the copper powder will be combined with copper oxide before being sent to the furnace for heating up to 800900 degrees for the final calcining of cuprous oxide. Once the impurities had been removed, they were magnetized and crushed into cuprous oxide. To make cuprous oxide, the glucose reduction procedure involved copper sulfate mixed with glucose. The sodium hydroxide solution was then added. After filtering, cleaning, drying, and grinding cuprous oxide, it was made. Copper was directly oxidized by heating platinum wire at 1000°C for 24 hours in nitrogen.

Cuprous Oxide

Cuprous oxide is often used to create antifouling coatings for ship bottoms. It also kills low-grade Marine species.

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