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Boron Carbide (B4C) – Properties and Information about Boron Carbide

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Boron Carbide properties

Boron carbid acid and alkali solutions does not react with high chemical levels, neutron absorption wear resistance, semiconductor conductivity and other factors. This is one the most stable acids. It can be found in thick and thin alkaline or acid solutions. Some transition metals can coexist with their carbides, which gives them special stability. It can be formed in 10001100 at the following conditions: the initial IV, V and VI transitional metals are present and there is a strong reaction that forms metal boride-boron carbide powder. It is hardened to 9.3 and ranks third after diamonds or boron nutride.

Boron Carbide Applications

(1) Nozzle material – Boron carbide is a very popular nozzle material. It has an extremely high wear resistance and hardness. Boron carbide has many advantages, including a long lifespan, low cost and efficiency.

(2) Neutron absorption and radiation protective material: Ellement B, with a cross section of 600barn or more, is used as the main component in a nuclear reactor’s radiation protection element.

(3) Composite armor material. It is light and can also be used for bulletproof protection. A bulletproof vest made from boron carbide weighs more than half that of an equivalent steel bulletproof vest. Boron carbide makes a great bulletproof material for armoring land vehicles and attack helicopters.

(4) Semiconductor Industrial Components and Thermoelectric Components: Boron carbonide ceramics are semiconductor-compatible and have good thermal conductivity. These components can also serve as high temperature semiconductor components. B4C can be combined with C to make a high temperature thermocouple, which has a service temperature of up to 2300. It is also radiation-resistant thermoelectric.

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