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Boron nitride – One of the hot spots in the field of materials

Because of its unusual properties (large specific surface area, large pore size and high chemical inertness), porous bore nitride attracts increasing attention as a non-oxide new material.
Porousboron nitride, which is a novel type of porous material that’s not oxidized, is another new form. You will find either open or interpenetrating pores within the interior. It features a dense pore structure and high specific surface. The size of each pore can be varied depending on the intended application. Additionally, the chemical properties remain stable and are thermally conductive. You will enjoy a high rate of penetration, excellent insulation performance, and hydrophobic property.
Furthermore, porous Boron Nitride Materials have extraordinary hydrogenation properties and select adsorption qualities. This makes them great for applications in hydrogen storage, gas Adsorption and Separation. According to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry’s definition of porous material, they can be classified as follows: Micropores (pores less than 2 nm), Mesopores 2-50 nm and Macropores (pores larger than 50 nm).


Use the space restriction function on the template to control the structure of pores and make a templating procedure.

Soft templates

It is possible to order mesoporous materials using the soft template technique. This supramolecular aggregate is composed of an amphiphilic segment copolymerization. It is then used to create a template. A boron-nitride precursor, which is self-assembled through the interaction non-covalent bonds forces, is then pyrolyzed and becomes a porous N-boron substance (Fig. 1a).

Hard templates

A hard template technique is used to make ordered mesoporousboron nutride materials. A porous template can be used to introduce a boron nutride precursor into pores. The boron is synthesized through pyrolysis. 1b).

The displacement reaction between boron nitrogen and carbon template under high temperatures results in the creation of porous Boron Nitride and Porous Boron Carbon Nitride materials. By controlling the reaction temp, you can control the carbon contents of the product. Lower carbon levels are possible if the reaction is heated up. This process allows for the preparation of boron Nitride porous material. Although it’s simple and doesn’t pollute the environment, it requires high reactions temperature and high energy usage.

Microporous boron nitride material

You can get microporousboron nitride materials by directly pyrolyzing an appropriate precursor. They have a very small, relatively uniform, and large specific surface area. There are many other applications.

Mesoporous boron nitride material

This porous boron nutride material is known as Mesoporous. It features a small pore, large surface area, and strong chemical properties. It can be used in both gas adsorption (catalysis) and other areas.

Ordered mesoporousboron-nitride product

Ordered mesoporous iron nitride has a particularly structured pore structure. There is also a very large area of specific surface. In order to synthesize ordered mesoporousboron nutride material, the majority of them use a template process. Mesoporous Silicon or mesoporous Carbon are generally used for a template. This method then uses a boron nutride precursor to impregnate the pores and then pyrolyzes them to make an ordered mesoporousboron-nitride. The morphology is affected directly by the structure of the template’s pores as well as the amount of impregnation done to the template using the precursor.

Disordered mesoporous-boron nitride materials

The pores of disordered-mesoporous mesoporousboron nitride are disorderly organized and have wide distributions. Material can be prepared with either a template process, a high-pressure reaction method, or by directly pyrolyticing boron nutride precursor.

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