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Boron Nitride Properties

Boron is made up of nitrogen and boron atoms. The crystal structure has three parts: hexagonal and hexagonal hexagonal boron nutrides (HBN); WBN ; and cubic hexagonal boron-nitride.
Hexagonalboron nitride’s crystal structure has an identical graphite layers structure. They have the ability to show a loose, lubricating and moisture-absorbing graphite powder. Theoretical density is 2.27g/cm3, special gravity is 2.43, Mohr toughness = 2.
Hexagonal-boron Nitride is a good thermal insulation, electrical conductivity, and chemical stabilization. 3000 in 0.1MPA Nitrogen, 2000 in neutral reduction atmospheric, 2800 and 2800 respectively. Low stability in oxygen atmosphere and temperatures below 1000 are some of its strengths. However, hexagonal-boron nitride’s expansion coefficient is the same as that of quartz. Its thermal conductivity however is ten times greater than that of quartz.
Hexagonal, boron-nitride will not dissolve in water. After boiling the water, it slowly hydrolyses and makes a small amount ammonia. It doesn’t react with weak base or strong acid at room temperatures. It is slightly insoluble in hot acid.
Boron Nitride Properties
1. Heat resistance: The sublimation of 3000 is at twice the strength at 1800. For dozens upon dozens, it has been air-cooled from 1500 to room temp for hundreds of times. At 2800, inertgas, there are no softening.
2. High thermal conductivity. Products hot-pressed are identical to pure iron. 33W/M.K boasts the highest thermal conductivity in ceramic materials. It is above 530C.
3, Very low thermal expansion: With an expansion coefficient of 2. 10.6 it is second to quartz glass.
4. High electrical performance: 1014-cm insulation at higher temperatures. 2000 at 25, 25 and 25 respectively. 103-cm at 25, It is the highest-quality ceramic high temperature insulating material.
5. This product has a high level of corrosion resistance. You can also find it in rare earth and precious metals, as well semiconductor materials like germanium, silicon or potassium arsenide.
6. Low friction coefficient U 0.16. Is more resistant than molybdenum dulfide, graphite, and molybdenum nitrate to high temperature. Ozone can be used for up to 900C. While vacuum can work at 2000, oxidation atmospheric can be used for as much as 900C.
7. High purity product B: The impurity of the good is below 10ppm, while its content in B is greater than 43.6%.
8. Machinability: This hardness can be used to make parts that are precise and accurate using general machine tools.
What’s hexagonal bore nitride?
Hexagonalboron nutride can be used for manufacturing TiB2/BN composite Ceramics.
There are specific uses
1. Boron, nitride works as a metal-forming mold release agent and metal wire drawing lubricant.
2. The high temperature resistance to boron oxide at special electrolysis conditions and materials that can be used for the protection of it.
3. Boron is suitable to be used in high temperature solids, extrusion-antiwear additives for ceramic composites, refractories or antioxidant additives. This includes molten steel Faustian occasions and heat enhancement additives for insulation materials that are high temperature resistant.
4. Boron is suitable as a heat sealed desiccant transistor or additive polymer such a plastic resin.
5. You can use Boron nitride products to form various shapes as insulation or heat dissipation parts.
6. Boron, nitride in aerospace is used to provide thermal protection.
7. Cubic boron nutride can, with the aid of catalysts, be turned into cubic-boron trioxide by applying high heat and high pressure.
8. Boron is the main structural component of an Atomic Reactor.
9. Boron is an ideal material for the rocket engine nozzles.
10. Boron, nitride works as an insulator in high-voltage and high frequency electricity.
11. Boron nutride, also known as Boron Nitride, is a material used in packaging to resist neutron radiation.
12. It is possible to use the superhard material made out of boron-nitride for high-speed drills and cutting tools in geological exploration as well as oil drilling.
13. Boron-nitride is used to metallurgy as a separation ring for continuous casting steel, flow crease of amorphous ir, demolding agent for continuous casting alm and various optical glass stripping substances.
14. Boron nitride can be used as an electrode for capacitor film plating.
15. Boron is suitable for all sorts of fresh-keeping aluminized bags.
16. Boron, also known as trademark gilding or laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum plating. It is used in a number of packaging materials such as cigarette boxes and beer boxes.
17. Cosmetics use boreon nitride. This can be used as a lipstick filler. It is non-toxic.
Boron Nitride Price
Many factors can influence price: market demand, industry trends and economic activity.
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