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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate CAS 71060-57-6 | Lemondedudroit

C8-10 Alcohol Ethoxylate Non-Ionic: This active ingredient is non-ionic, has high wettability, solubilization and permeability. A further benefit is the hard water resistance. Active Matter Content: >=99

Alcohol ethoxylate, C8-10

There are many uses for C8-10 Alcoethoxylatesorbitol, but they’re most often used in detergents or as surfactants due to their effectiveness at cleaning oily soils.
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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate

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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate.

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C8-10 While alcohol ethoxylate is dissolvable in water it does not gel.

It is water-resistant and easily soluble. It is soluble in water and can remove marker markings.

Technical Parameter C8-10 Alcohol Ethoxylate

Products Name Cloud point Active matter Appearance
C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate 65-70[E] 6.0-7.0 >=99 Clear liquids or slightly colored liquids


C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate:

C8-10 alcohol-ethoxylate is also used for textile processing. Also known as Alcohol Ethoxylate. The penetrant can be used to size, desizing; bleaching; scouring and carbonization. The penetrant is also used for leather lubricant and degreasing. The penetrant is capable of cleaning wool and can be used to remove all types of oils. It can also be used in industrial applications that contain C8-10 Alcohol Ethoxylate and other hard surface cleaners.

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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate


C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate


C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate

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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate


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C8-10 Alcohol ethoxylate Properties

Related Titles N/A
Combination Formula RO-(CH2CH2O)n-H R=C8-10 n=4
Motility N/A
Appearance Clear liquids or slightly colored liquids
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility HTML2O N/A
Exact-mapping N/A

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