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CAS 557-05-1 Zinc Stearate Powder

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Zincstearate powder looks fine in white, feels smooth, doesn’t feel sandy, and is very fatty. Zinc Stearate Pulver: Zinc Stearate a white powder has a matte appearance and is soft to touch. Zinc steel powder uses. Lemondedudroit can be trusted as a trustworthy global supplier of Zinc Stearate Powder. Zinc Stearate: Zinc Stearate Pod is insoluble when water is used. But, this powder can dissolve in organic solvents including hot ethanol. Turpentine. Benzene. If strong acid is present in your zinc stearate, it will break down to form stearic Acid and its corresponding Zinc salts. Zincstearate melting points are 120 to 130°C. Technical Parameter Of Zinc Stearate Puffer:     Short Name Melting Point   Zn Content  Appearance Zinc Stearate & Powder N/A 120± 10.3-11.3% 325  white powder Zinc Stearate used: For the manufacture of PVC products that are non-toxic, zinc stearate can be used as a powder. This compound can enhance the light stability and strength of PVC products by working in conjunction with calcium stearate (or barium) stearate. PVC processing typically uses 14 of the recommended dosage. Zincstearate powder has been used to create rubber products. The usual dosage is between 1-3 portions. Zinc green stearate for cosmetics. Zirc stearate serves as a thickener, lubricant, and thickener in order to improve texture. The use of Zinc Stearate in paint is to add gloss. Zincstearate in rubber compound: Z Inc stearate serves as a anti-adhesive, release agent, and dust remover. Packing & Shipping Zinc Starate Powder There are many packing options available, each one based on Zinc Stearate Powder amount. Zinc Stearate Packing: 20kg/bag. Zinc Stearate Pudding Shipping: could be shipped via sea, air, and express after receipt of payment. Lemondedudroit advanced material. Lemondedudroit is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of global chemicals. It has more than 12-years experience in the manufacturing and supply of super-high quality chemical materials. You can contact us for high-quality chemicals powder. (

Zinc Stearate Powder Properties

N/A 557-05-1 [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Zn Molecular Weight N/A Appearance White powder Melting Point 120±5 Boiling Point N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O Exact N/A

ZincStearate Pulp Health & Safety Information

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