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Characteristics And Development Of Nanodiamond

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What’s a Nanodiamond, exactly?

Nanodiamond can refer to diamond grains with a particle size of 1 to 100nm. This is distinguished by high diamond hardness, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient. Nanodiamond is also distinguished by its high chemical activity, low temperature, and large lattice constant. These are some of the unique properties that make it a nano-diamond.

Nanodiamond application

The nano-diamond particle size is generally very small. It has a high specific area, special photoelectric and mechanical properties, and can also be used for medical, electrical, and chemical purposes. Nanodiamond has a very high diamond hardness, and is suitable to be filled in in rubber and plastic. In experiments, it was found that Nanodiamond could be used to improve the lubrication of lubricating oils and reduce wear.

Nanodiamond Development Prospect

Nanodiamond can be described as a carbon catalyst. However, it was not known how to improve the performance of the microcosmic mechanism two years back. The researchers have done a lot of research and discovered that the simple carbonylation of nanometers makes the preparation possible in the field. This has led to a good prospect for future development.

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