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Choosing Boride Nozzles

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The blast nozzle is the heart of your blasting system. The nozzle is responsible for the mechanical control of your blasting process, optimizing the utilization of abrasives, achieving appropriate and efficient blasting patterns, and using compressed air efficiently. All these factors contribute to your total operating costs and productivity. Having the right nozzle for your job can save you money on both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs and energy bills.

Choosing the best nozzle for your blasting application depends on the surface characteristics of your project and what kind of media you’re working with. The best nozzles for mild abrasives (glass bead, aluminum oxide) are ceramic nozzles, while tungsten carbide nozzles are a great choice for production blasting with glass bead, steel shot, or coal slag. Newer materials like silica nitride and Roctec are even tougher and last longer than tungsten carbide.

In addition to abrasive resistance and durability, the best nozzles also provide a high flow rate, low pressure drop, and easy maintenance. The blast nozzle should be easily cleaned and inspected for cracks or other problems, so it can be repaired promptly and returned to service.

For the best productivity, choose the nozzle size that will give you the most blasting time over its useful life span. You should replace the nozzle when it gets to about 1/2 the size of its optimal bore size. Keeping the nozzle at the right size will maintain adequate pressure at the nozzle, which is vital for optimum performance and productivity.