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Cosmetic Additive Sodium Stearate

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Sodium Stearate Is an organic substance. Its chemical formula is C17H35COONa. It is an oily white powder that has a slippery feeling and a strong fatty scent.

Sodium Stearate Properties:

It is an organic compound with the chemical formula C17H35COONa. It is an oily white powder that has a slippery feeling and a fatty aroma. The sodium stearate can be easily dissolved in hot water and hot alcohol. It also has water absorption properties in the atmosphere.

Salt stearate can be dissolved in water but is not soluble when it comes to hot water. Due to hydrolysis, the aqueous solution of sodium stearate is slightly alkaline and neutral. The reaction of sodium hydroxide with octadecanoic Acid creates sodiumstearate.

Insoluble in ethers, light gasoline, acetone, and other organic solvents, sodium stearate cannot be used. Insoluble sodium stearate can also be found in electrolyte solutions like salt and sodium hydroxide.

Applications of Sodium Stearate

The manufacturing of toothpaste uses sodium stearate as an adhesive and plastic stabiliser.

1. Toothpaste is made from sodium stearate. It’s also used to make toothpaste.

2. The main use of sodium stearate in soap detergents is to make them. It can be used in soap detergents as an active agent as well as as an excipient in bar soaps.

3. Detergent: The sodium stearate helps to reduce foaming during washing. (Sodium stearate, the main ingredient in soap.

4. For polymer emulsification or antioxidants, sodium stearate can be used as an emulsifier.

5. To protect polyethylene packaging film from corrosion, sodium stearate has been used.

6. Cosmetics: Sodium stearate is used as shaving gel, transparent viscose, etc.

7. Adhesive – Sodium Stearate can be used to attach paper.

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