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Development Prospects of Ultra-fine Particle Colloidal Silver

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What does colloidal silver mean?

The colloidal silver is one kind of metallic. It has a very small particle size, usually 25 nanometers. It has the ability to kill and inactivate microorganisms, such as E. coli or Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Produce drug resistance. Research has shown that poisoning is unlikely even though the concentration of tiny antimicrobial particles in nanoscales exceeds the standards.

Nano silver features

Colloid silver is unique because of its ability to adjust color, not affect dyeing, no poisoning, permanent sterilization and no harm to the body.

Advanced nanotechnology is used to prepare colloidal silver. This has been done because it causes qualitative changes in silver’s sterilization effects. It can even be applied in minutes and produce strong sterilization results in practical applications. The body can eliminate hundreds of harmful bacteria. It also plays an important bactericidal role. This silver is safe and non-toxic. . It opens up wide opportunities for antibacterial applications of nanosilver, which is the most recent generation of natural antibacterial agents.

Colloid silver preparation

Antibiotics are often used in excess, which can increase bacteria resistance. Silver’s antibacterial abilities have become more prominent with the increase in research into nanotechnology.

A variety of techniques are currently being used for the preparation and storage of colloidal Silver.

1.chemical reduction

2. The microbial synthesizing method

Method of photolysis conversion

4.chemical deposition method

5. Thermal decomposition

Chemical reduction is the most common. This involves using a liquid to convert silver ions to silver molecules. Then, colloidal-silver can be obtained. These colloidal-silver particles are easy to distribute and agglomerate. To reduce this problem, stabilizers should be added. The temperature, pH, and concentration of the reactants will have an effect on the growth and nucleation rates of colloidal silver particles.

Because some microorganisms possess the ability to lower metal ions, we now know that it’s possible to make nano silver from them. The society is concerned about this technique due to its large supply of microbial materials. There are two types of mechanisms that can be used to make colloidal Silver: the non-enzymatic reduction method and the microbiological enzymatic process.

Colloidal silver is used

Because of their unique optical and electrical properties, nanometals can be used for many purposes, such as drug carriers, catalysis and biosensing. Experts believe the antimicrobial colloidal silver powder could also be extensively used for environmental protection, textile attire, and preservation of fruit. Colloidal silver is used extensively in medicine because of its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to heal wounds.

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