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Eight Uses of Boron Powder in Different Fields

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Boron powder

is solid in black, silver-gray or mixed colors. It is black in color, has the hardest hardness second to diamond and is very brittle.

Black or dark brown powder is the most common form of elemental boron. Diboron trioxide is formed when internal boron has been oxidized. Boron powder is able to react with fluorine at ambient temperature. It can also be destroyed by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids aqueous solutions.

Although boron powder can’t be dissolve in water and powdered, boron will dissolve in hot sulfuric acid or boiling nitric.

Boron powder is used in different areas

Boron powder has a wide range of uses in electronics, medicine (metallurgy), electronic engineering, metallurgy and many other areas.

1. Boron powder can also be used to make pyrotechnic and other additives. Boron is the most energy-efficient non-metallic fossil fuel. The small surface area and irregular form of boron means that the powder’s ignition temperature is much lower.

2. Boron powder, which is an essential raw material in the production of high-purityboron halide as well as other boron compound materials, can be also used to create boron halide.

3. Boron powder serves as an oxygen-free deoxidizer during copper smelting. In the process of metal smelting, a little bit of boron is added. One side, it acts as a preventative against the metal being oxidized at elevated temperatures.

4. Boron powder is an alloy component used to make special metal products. It improves the mechanical properties and forms alloys.

5. You can use boron powder as a welding aid.

6. Boron powder is used as a solid rocket propellant.

7. For automobile airbags, boron powder is used.

8. Boron powder is an additive to magnesia carbon bricks that are used in high temperatures furnaces for steelmaking.

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