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Excellent Solid Lubricant-Molybdenum Disulfide Powder

Molybdenum disulfide

Molybdenite is the major component of this organic chemical compound. This compound contains moS2 as its main ingredient. The molybdenum oxide powder is dark in color and has metallic luster.

Molybdenum Diulfide pulver Properties

Molybdenum is not easily dissolved in water. But, it can be dissolved in water, concentrated sulfuric acids, and hydrocarbons. MoS2 is also possible by molybdenum concentrat extract method. This technique is useful to get rid of acid-insoluble SiO2, Fe Cu or other impurities like Ca and B.

Molybdenum–disulfide grease (also called molybdenum–dioxide extreme pressure grease) is made using molybdenum–dioxide disulfide modified and other additives. It resists water, rust, and other chemicals.

Molybdenum Sulfide Pulp Applications

Molybdenum disulfide could be used to lubricate hard surfaces. It is highly resistant to high temperatures, pressure, and can be used in a variety of applications. This can be used for creating a diamagnetic photoconductor or semiconductor with P-type conductivity (or N-type). This can be corrected to get energy conversion function. This can also be used to act as a dehydrogenation catalyst for complex hydrocarbons.

After chemical purification molybdenum dioxide can be obtained as solid molybdenum concentrations. The molecular structure has undergone changes. It is black with some silverygray. It is insoluble when water is used. The powder is dispersible and non-adhesive. For a colloidal effect without adhesion, you can combine the product with greases. You can improve the lubricity by using it under high pressure. It can be used at very high pressure and temperature to extend the life of your equipment.

As a frictional material with low ignition and volatile loss, molybdenum disulfide’s primary purpose is to raise friction at lower temperatures.

Friction is less

Molybdenum disulfide can be conductive but not conductive. Also, copolymers are possible from molybdenum dioxide and molybdenum vadium trisulfide. If the friction material temperature increases sharply because of friction, molybdenum dioxide particles within the copolymer shrink with temperature. This may increase friction.

Molybdenum diulfide can be used to prevent oxidation. A long chemical reaction has resulted in a molybdenum sulfide pH 8.8. It protects surfaces of friction material. This prevents them being oxidized.

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