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Gallium Nitride Led The Charge Plug Revolution

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What is gallium-nitride?

Galium nitrideis an alloy of nitrogen and galium. Its chemical formula is GAN. This compound is a mixture of nitrogen and gallium and has an extremely wide bandgap, high thermal conductivity and resistance to radiation, as well as high resistance to acid and alkali. The material can be considered a direct Bandgap semiconductor. It has been used since 1990 in light-emitting diodes. This is why gallium (GaN), silica carbide (SiC), aluminium nitride(ALN), and gallium dioxide (Ga2O3) can be collectively called broad band semiconductor materials. They are also commonly known in China as third-generation semiconductor materials.

Gallium nitride development and application prospects

The characteristics of GaN are large band gap widths, high breakdown electricity, high thermal conductivity. high electron saturation speed velocity, and small dielectric constant. They can be applied to approximately 68% to the market for power electronics. There are many applications for it, including aerospace and microwave radar as well as satellite communication and 5G. The laser spectrum that its base laser covers is wide. It can be used for missile early detection, satellite secret communication and various other areas. However, the detector has not yet been industrialized.

In chargers, a lot of people use gallium-nitride.

Gallium nitridation is a method of increasing the efficiency and volume of charging. This has been demonstrated by OPPO and Xiaomi who have both started making gallium nitridation packs.

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