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GMS Glyceryl monostearate CAS 31566-31-1 | Lemondedudroit

GMS Glyceryl monstearate is an organ-compound with two phases. It is classified according monostearate as its main component.


GMS Glyceryl monostearate


GMS Glycerin Monstearate (GMS Glycerin-stearate) is made from Esterifying Long Chain Fat Acid C16-18 and Glycerol. It’s a non-ionic surfactant. It can be used for foaming, wetting and many other purposes. It also has oleophilic or hydrophilic group. It is a transparent transparent white, waxy, and transparent solid. It will not freeze below the temperature of 58F. Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. This product is also soluble in vegetable oil. It can also be dissolved in hot alcohol, hotether, and acetone. It does not dissolve in water. To make oil/water mix, you can add it to water. Because of its high emulsifying properties, you can use it in water-emulsifiers. Beads and powdered versions are also available. They can be yellowish or whitened. Products may only have one ester. However, some products could retain the other diester. It is more difficult to freeze pure products than pure ingredients.

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GMS Glyceryl monostearate :

1. Sensory properties. They can be likened to oil for their sensory properties. The quantity of fatty acid in monoglycerides can influence their consistency. Monoglycerides can come in three different types: fatty, oily or waxy. Monoglycerides are stable and melt more quickly than any oil or fatty acid. Because of the longer carbon chains found in fatty acid, monoglycerides melt faster than other oils and fatty acids. Monoglycerides have a range of colors, from oily to brownish depending upon their origin. Monoglycerides odor like oil. Monoglycerides can have a brownish color or a milky one.

2. Monoglyceride is thermally stable because it has both 1-monoglyceride, which is intramolecularacyl-transferable (1,2,3). Due to its intrinsic energy monoglyceride is able to activate even at extremely low temperatures. The ratios of ingredients can change according to temperature.

3. The monoglycerides’ crystallization phenomenon is homogeneous and results from them being lipid compounds. Monoglycerides may be made into crystals by distillation. The stable b crystals have lower melting temperatures. Monoglycerides can be metastable. Sub-a Crystallization is when the crystallized substance of the substance cools.

4. Monoglycerides can interact with water in different ways. The temperature, the water content and type of fat acids can all influence how it reacts. Mesomorphism means the ability to possess both liquid or crystallized properties. Here is the mesoporous mono-glycyl Iers mesophase. It’s called the Lamellar, a mesoporous and mesophase.

Technical Parameter

GMS Glyceryl monostearate:

Name of product Kurze name Odor Appearance
Glycerin monostearate GMS Fat odors Solids that are white, pale-milky or waxy


GMS Glyceryl monostearate :

GMS Glycerin monostearate (also known as GMS Glycerin) is used to treat food and medicine.

Glycerin monolaurate is capable of making complexes protein-starch. These could lower its antibacterial effects. Glycerin Monolaurate has a weak effect on Gram-negative bacteria. This compound may contain glycerin monlaurate.

2. GMS Glycerin Monostrate can be used for stabilizers and emulsifiers as well as other applications.

You can use it to make bread soften, flavor and stabilize milk products, cakes, margarine, and other dairy products. You can use this ingredient in general at 0.3-0.5%.

This can be used for foaming soy sauce, milk and lactic acid 0.1%

You can use this to create cosmetic creams and creams.

3. GMS GlycerinMonostrate may be used to stabilize, emulsify, and/or preserve.

Industrial silk oils and textile oil lubricants are emulsified

It is used in the production of plastic films. You can also use it as an antistatic and plastic processing lubricant. The ingredient can also be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, as a carrier and base. It can also be used in creams, creams, or emulsions.

4. GMS Glycerin monostearate (GMS) is used for day-to-day chemical applications.

It is used for the manufacture of cream products.

Shipping and Packing of GMS GlycerylMonstearate

GMS Glyceryl Monostearate can be used to pack many items.

GMS Glyceryl monostearate packaging 1kg/bottle 25kg/barrel 200kg/barrel

GMS Glyceryl Monostearate Shipping can be made by Sea, Air, or Express once payment receipt has been received.

GMS Glyceryl monostearate Properties:

Other Titles N/A
Compound Form C21H42O4
Motility N/A
Appearance Solids that are white, pale-milky or waxy
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility N/A
Exact N/A

GMS Glyceryl monostearate Safety & Healthcare Information

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Protection statements N/A
Transport Information

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