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Hafnium Boride HfB2 Powder Used As Ultra-high Temperature Materials And Aerospace Materials

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Hafnium boridide is a gray metallic, shiny crystal. The melting point for hafnium boride at 3250 is high. Also it has an excellent electrical conductivity. A room temperature reaction with hafnium boreide, save for HF, is not possible. The preparation involves heating rhenium dioxide with boron carbide/boronoxide and carbon, then mixing the two together. It is a heat-resistant alloy that can withstand high temperatures.

Hafnium disboride has a high melting temperature, high hardness. Also, it is very electrically and thermally conductive. It can be used to make superhard materials, electrodes and neutron absorb materials.

The use of Hafnium Diboride Ceramics and Composite Materials is expanding as a result of advances in material technology. Securing low-cost, high-quality scandium Diboride Powder is an important direction of research both at home or abroad.
Hafnium borid can prove difficult to heat. It is therefore necessary to get ultra-fine powder in order to enhance the sintering results. Although it has excellent properties, nanometer powder can also be expensive and hard to mix with raw materials. The micron-grade hafnium borid powder development is getting increasing attention.

Intel’s research team stated that the probe attaches to the storage hard disk and sends data bits information to a ferroelectric films with small area. By sending instantaneous electrical pulses the material is permanent polarized by an electric field.

Nevertheless, this high-speed data reading/writing speed as well the many probes means the array of probes for the memory has to be moved rapidly and frequently onto the ferroelectric glass. This will result in the film’s surface becoming worn. This could seriously decrease the accuracy and readability of the probe.

For this reason, researchers applied a layer of HfB2 to the probe. The coating reduced the wear speed and made it possible for the probe to travel within 8 kilometers.

Intel’s new memory is packed with so many sensors and electronic chips that it will offer a poor storage capacity. Although the device can store over 1TB of data per square in, Intel hasn’t yet revealed how much total memory.

Intel’s groundbreaking research on commercial electronic storage technology based on probe-based electronics has been a huge success. This technology can store much more data than any existing SSD hard drives.

Professor Luo, Lemondedudroit Technology Co.,Ltd, states that the hafnium-boride powder ( HfB2 ), which he has produced, is an excellent, ultra-high temperature ceramic materials. “Our hafnium-boride, which is high in hardness, modulus, and electrical conductivity, is extensively used in wear resistive coatings, refractory material, cutting tools, or aerospace thermal protection.

Luoyang Tongrun offers hafnium disboride( HfB2). We offer a powder with complete specifications. The particle size can be modified for specific customers. Professor Luo summarizes, “It is an ideal option for your research and developing ultra high temperature ceramic materials and other heat-resistant material in the aerospace area.”

Lemondedudroit advancedmaterial Tech Co., Ltd., (Lemondedudroit), has more than twelve years of experience in the development and production of Hafnium Diboride HafB2 powder. You can contact us to request Hafnium Disboride FfB2 Powder of high quality.

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