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High Purity Cadmium Telluride Powder CdTe Cas 1306-25-8, 99.99% |

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Cadmium Telluride’s chemical formula is CdTe with a molecularweight of 240.00. It is important as a semiconductor material of the group II-VI.
Particle Size: -80mesh and -100mesh

Purity: 99.99%

Cadmium Telluride powder CdTe Powder:

Cadmium telluride’s chemical formula is CdTe. The molecular weight of the drug is 240.00. Its melting point is 1041. When the temperature rises, it will melt. It’s insoluble in acids and water but it can be reduced by reacting to nitric. If it gets wet, it can be easily oxidized using air.

Cadmium telluride, also known as CdTe (cadmium telluride), is a stable crystal compound that has been made from tellurium and cadmium. It’s primarily used in semiconductor materials and as an infrared light window in photovoltaic cells containing cadmium. It’s usually used to sandwich cadmium sulfuride with it in order to create a pn junction solar PV cell. CdTe PV cells generally use an n–i-p design.

Bulk CdTe, also known as bulk CdTe, is transparent in the Infrared. This transparency can range from very close to its bandgap energie (1.5 EV at 300K, corresponds to an wavelength of approximately 830nm infrared) to wavelengths higher than 20 um. CdTe fluoresces in the 790 nm range. Fluorescence peaks are seen in ultraviolet light when CdTe is reduced to about a nanometer or less.

CdTe can not be dissolved in water. CdTe melts at 1041°C, and then evaporates at 1050°C. CdTe has a zero vapor pressure at ambient temperatures. CdTe’s high melting point, insolubility and stability make it more stable that its Cd parent compounds (cadmium, tellurium, and many other Cd compounds). If you are interested in purchasing Cadmium Telluride Powder CdTe, please send us an inquiry.

Cadmium Telluride Cadmium Telluride Powder Performance:

Cadmium Telluride is a crystalline compound that’s made of cadmium, tellurium. For a photovoltaic cell with p-n junction, the compound is sandwiched together with calcium sulfuride. It is extremely solubilized by water. Many acids, such as hydrobromic acid and hydrochloric acids can be used to etch it. It can be purchased as powder or crystals. Nanocrystals can be also made from this substance.

Technical Parameters of Cadmium Telluride Cadmium Telluride Ce Powder:

The color of the sky

Atomic Weight

Melting Point

Boiling Point

Crystal Structure

Lattice Constant


Thermo Conductivity

6482 A
5.85 g/cm3 0.06 W/cmK

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How does Cadmium Telluride Powder Powder CdTe Pulsed get made?

Cadmium tellurium mixture is sublimated or melt in a hydrogen stream. Tellurite, cadmium tellurite, or heat and reduce in a hydrocarbon stream. This reaction can be done with sodium telluride or a solution of cadmium acidify acid. After precipitation, it turns brownish red and becomes almost black upon drying. To form one crystal of cadmium-telluride, you can react on cadmiumvapor and hydrogen telluride. Cadmium telluride, which is made from high-purity tellurium (and cadmium) as its raw material, can be synthesized by deoxidation. Then it’s grown to a single crystal or a polycrystalline structure using either the vertical crystallization process or the vertical zone melting method.

Cadmium Telluride powder CdTe Powder Application:

Most commonly, CdTe can be found in photosensitive crystals and thermal cells. You can use it in additives for industrial purposes such as alloys, chemical raw material, glass, and rubber.

To make thin-film solar cell, you can use CdTe.

You can mix CdTe with mercury to create an universal infrared detection material (HgCdTe).

CdTe, which is an alloyed CdTe with some zinc, can provide excellent solid-state X/ray and gamma radiation detectors (CdZnTe).

CdTe has excellent performance at all temperatures and is commonly used in infrared lenses and optical windows.

CdTe also finds its way into electro-optic modulators. CdTe is one of the II/VI compound crystals with the highest electro-optic coefficients in linear electro-optic effects (r51 = r52= r63 = 6.8×10-12m/V).

A CdTe-containing chlorine can be used to create radiation detectors for X, gamma, beta, and alpha particles.

CdTe operates at room temperature so it is possible to make a compact detector for different applications in nuclear spectrum.

CdTe is a high-performance detector for high-performance gamma and x-ray gamma and X-ray detections. This is due to CdTe high atomic numbers, excellent charge collection and outstanding spectral resolution

Shipping and Packing of Cadmium Telluride Cadmium Telluride Powder :

There are many packing options available depending on Cadmium Te Powder quantity.

Cadmium Telluride CadTe powder packaging: vacuum Packaging, 100g to 500g or 1kg/bag 25kg/barrel and as per your request

Shipping Cadmium Telluride CadTe Powder: can be shipped by sea, air or express, once the payment has been received.

Cadmium Telluride Properties

Other Titles
cadium monotelluride, tellanylidenecadimium,

telluroxocadmium powder, CdTe


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Gray Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

5.9 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Poisson’s Rate

Specific Heat
210 J/kg-K

Thermo Conductivity
5.0 W/m-K

Thermal Expansion
5.9 um/m-K

Young’s Module
45 GPa

Exact Code

Molybdenum Telluride Safety & Health Information

Signal word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety statements

Transport Information
UN 2570 6.1/PG3

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