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High Purity Chromium Nitride CrN Powder CAS 12053-27-9, 99% | Lemondedudroit

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CrN is the common name for chromium nitride. It is resistant to corrosion as well as oxidation.
Purity: 99%

Particle Size: 325 Mesh

More information about Chromium Nitride CRN Powder

Chromium nitride

It is used to coat precision metal parts.

Chromium nitride CrN

Tin is less resistant than it in high temperature environments.

Chrome nitride

Also, it is resistant to corrosive environments.

Using cathode arc plasma deposition technology. Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition, a new technology for thin-film deposition that is very similar to ion implantation technology, is used. The advantages of this technology include a fast ionization rate for the stream of particles emitted and high kinetic energy, 40-100eV. Ion beam deposition has many advantages, such as adhesion enhancements, higher density of states and high reaction rates to compound films formation. Cathodic Arc Plasma Deposition is a unique method that allows for deposition of complex substrates. It has a high deposition rate and good coating uniformity. The substrate temperatures are low.

High current density is responsible for the cathode material’s evaporation. Evaporations consist of electrons and ions as well central gas atoms. Nearly 100% of cathode materials are ionized at the cathode point. Ions radiate from the cathode perpendicularly to its surface. The reaction of high-energy, chromium, ions with nitrogen is immediate and results in gaseous, chromium, nitride molecules.

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What exactly does the pvd mean?


It stands for

physical vapor deposition

The article describes different vacuum deposition techniques that can be used for coating metal substrates and ceramic substrates.

Products Performance of Chromium Nitride powder

High purity and ultrafine particles ensure a greater surface area.

This is due to the high surface activity, both in thermostable and plasticizing ceramics.

Technical Parameters of CrMium Nitride powder:

Name of the product MF Purity The size of the paticle Melting Point Density

The color of the sky
chromium nitride CrN 99% 325 mesh 1650 6.14 grey

Chemical Composition of Chrromium Nitride CrN Powder:

CrN O Fe Ca Mg Mn
99% 0.04% 0.002% 0.001% 0.002% 0.002%

It is simple.

Chromium Nitride CrN Powder


As raw materials, NaN3 and CrCl3 were used to prepare chromium trioxide. The reaction rate of the reaction was lowered by NaCl. This is done in order to maintain safety of the experiment as well as the stability of cavity. The molar proportion of NaCl and NaN3 must be increased at least two times in order to decrease the reaction time. That is to say, N2 to NaCl should be added at least one-third of the total amount to completely release any gas. After adjusting reaction temperature and time, the initial bulk sample was synthesized. High purity CrN was then obtained through washing.


Chromium Nitride Powder


Use CrN as corrosion resistance

chromium nitride coating

Metal forming and plastics forming. It is used frequently in tools and medical implants. CrN is an important component of multi-component coatings like CrAlN, which are used to create hardwearing cutting tools. Other uses of chromium-nitride are:

Use higher temperature products

Slider wear

Wear resistance for precision components

You can eliminate fretting, worry, micro-weldings, clampings and adhesion wear

Enhanced corrosion resistance of the parts, but not full encapsulation

Low friction

Sharp edges can be accommodated

Small effect and very useful for low tolerance parts

A number of renowned scientific journals, such Nature Materials, have recently debated the basic material physics and properties of CrN. Through quantum mechanical calculations, it was shown that magnetism is important in low- and higher temperature phases.

Shipping and Packing of Chromium Nitride CrN Powder:

Many types of packing are available depending on the amount CrN powder.

Packing of Chromium nitride, CrN powder:

You can vacuum pack 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.

Shipment of Chromium nitride CrN Powder

A payment receipt can allow for shipping by sea or air as well as express delivery.

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Chromium Nitride CrN Powder Properties

Other Titles
Chromium(III) nitride, Chromium mononitride,

nitridochromium, azanylidynechromium


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Black powder

Melting Point

Solubility In Water

5.9 g/cm3



Bold point

Specific Heat

Thermo Conductivity

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Module


65.943588 D

Safety & Health Information

Safety Notice

Hazard Statements

Flashing Point

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety statements


Transport Information

WEK Germany

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