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High Purity Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder CAS 12018-09-6, 99% | Lemondedudroit

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CrSi2 is an organic silicide that is also called chromium silicide. It is a dark-gray powder. High resistance and small temperature coefficients of resistance are the hallmarks of chromium silicide film.
Purity: 99%

Particle Size: 5-10um

The Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Pulp:

Silicide from Chromium

Is an organic compound that can be chemically formulated




This is a grey cubic crystal with six square crystals. The crystal’s melting point is approximately 1550°C, and its bond form is identical to that of CR3Si. It also has metal gloss.


It can also be dissolved in hydrochloric and royal waters. Silicicide’s radiation is very high, and its resistance temperature coefficient is low. The silicide radiation is strong and the resistance to temperature is minimal.

Chromium Silicide CrSi2

Narrow Gap Semiconductor. Potential P-Type Semiconductor. Up to 973K. With a bandgap between 0.30 EV.

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Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder

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Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Pulver Characteristics:

Chromium silicide CrSi2 (CAS 112018-09-6) is a powder with a high melting temperature, high corrosion resistance, and high electrical conductivity.

High-temperature ductility, conductivity and the binary alloy system is the intermediate phase.

Technical Parameters of CrSi2 Chromium Silicide Powder:

Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Melting Point Density The color of the sky
Chromium silicide CrSi2 99% 5-10um 1475 5.5 g/cm3 black

Chemical Composition of Chromium Siicide CrSi2 Puffer:

CrSi2 Cr Si C P Fe S
>99% 47.5% 51.55 0.09% 0.02% 0.19% 0.015%

It is simple.

Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder


You can make your own Chromium Silicide by using anhydrous chlorineide as a precursor. This reacts well with silicon at high temperatures. Also, CrSi2 can be obtained at high temperatures by reacting sodium fluorosilicate with reducing chlorineide.


Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder:

A powder of Chromium Silicide CrSi2 can be used as a silicide, chromium coating, a silicide target or silicide-sputtering target. It is also used for N-type semiconductors.

Chromium Silicide is used in preparation of ceramic materials for polycarbonate.

Increase the primary drive’s ceramic yield by using Chromium Silicide CrSi2 to promote the cleavage of PCS.

It can decrease the linear shrinkage at the first target during cracking and improve the ceramic material’s performance.

How to pack and ship Chromium Siicide CrSi2 Pulver

Many types of packaging are available depending on the amount CrSi2 chromium silicide CrSi2 in your powder.

Packaging of Chromium silicide, CrSi2 powder:

You can vacuum pack 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel or according to your requirements.

Powder shipping of CrSi2 chromium silicide

Once payment has been received, items may be sent out either by sea or by air.

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Chromium Silicide properties

Other Titles
chromium disilicide, chromium(II) silicide,

Disilicide for chromium (2+), WSi2 powder


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Gray Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

4.91 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Exact, Mass

Chromium Silicide Health and Safety Information

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