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High Purity Organic Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC CAS 68412-26-0 | Lemondedudroit

MoDTC is a high-quality lubricant additive, with outstanding antifriction effects and antiwear. This has led to a rise in oil quality requirements and new standards for lubricants.
Mo %: 9.5-20.5

S.% 9-12

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Organic Molybdenum Liquid MODTC (or organic molybdenum liquid) is a type of Molybdenum callkyl dialkyl dimithophosphate.

MODTC’s friction friction reduction mechanism relies on the friction pair’s smooth surface. The friction pair’s surface is subject to chemical reactions. They promote the breakdown of organic molybdenum at the tip and point of the high loading pressure. This product is dispersed into an oil solvent and adsorbed on the friction layer.

MODTC is an oil-soluble liquid that, when subjected to extreme pressure, decomposes molybdenum sulfide. The film forms on the cylinder walls. To achieve anti-wear lubrication as well as anti-friction, and to resolve the issue of molybdenum sulfide disulfide suspension, MODTC can be used. We are a global trusted Organic MOlybdenum MoDTC supplier. You can send us an inquiry regarding the current MoDTC prices at any given time.

Organic Molybdenum MoDTC Liquid MoDTC description:

MoDTC’s future direction is towards low levels of phosphorus and high sulfur. MoDTC can easily be mixed in oil to form a uniform solution. MoDTC works well as an additive to friction. The organic molybdenum retains the antioxidation and special anticorrosion properties while also maintaining its antifriction in addition to antiwear.

Organic Molybdenum MoDTC Chemical Structure:

Chemical properties of liquid MoDTC Additives for Oxidation Resistance and Anti-friction:

Product Name: Anti-friction, Oxidation Resistance Additives
Chemical name liquid MoDTC
Color: Breen
Density (15 g/cm3 15) 1.0-1.1
Viscosity in mm2/S.40 >500
Flash point (open cup): >130
Storage: To avoid sunlight and moisture, keep it cool.

How Molybdenum Loquid MoDTC Is it Produced?

Different organic molybdenum types have different raw materials. They also require different synthesis methods. To briefly illustrate its synthesis, let’s use the well-known molybdenum dithiophosphate oxy as an illustration.

1. At 85 to 115 degrees, alcohol reacts positively with S,P compounds to make organic thiophosphoric Acid.

Two into organicthiophosphoric Acid, under the influence of a catalyst. Temperature maintained between 85 and115. And hexavalent Molybdenum reaction, to create organic molybdenum additives.

After extraction, washing and separation, the final product is distilled to make synthetic products.

Applications Molybdenum Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC HTML3_ :

MODTC is used commonly in hydraulic oil and automatic transmission oils, as well as other lubricating oils.

MoDTC (Molecularly Adaptive and Infective) is an anti-wear compound that can be mixed with a wide range of oils and greases. It can also act on many friction pairs. MODTC is compatible with synthetic oils including PAO, polyether oils and many vegetable oils. These oils are used in oil for engine and transmission fluids. They also can be used to grease vehicle chassis. MoDTC is an additive that reduces friction in friction pairs from various materials like alloy steel, phosphor Bronze and other diamond-like coatings.

Storage Conditions for Liquid MoDTC.

You should keep the liquid MoDTC at room temperature. The container should be kept tightly sealed in a dry, well-ventilated area. You are sensitive to airborne and liquid moisture.

Shipping and Packing of Organic Molybdenum MoDTC

There are many options for packing, which all depend on the Organic Molybdenum MoDTC amount.

Packaging of Organic Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC in vacuum bags, 100g, 500g and 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel. Or as requested.

Molybdenum Liquid MoDTC Shipping: Could be sent by sea, air or express as soon after receipt of payment.

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