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High Purity Selenium Se Powder CAS 7782-49-2, 99% | Lemondedudroit

Chemical formula: Se, Selenium powder. Black-gray non-metallic. Soluble in concentrated sulfuric acids, chloroform.

Particle Sizes: 200 mesh, 100 mesh and 325.


Selenium is a chemical formula. Selenium metallic powder is a dark gray, nonmetal. It dissolves in concentrated sulfuric acids, chloroform and carbon disulfide. Selenium metal powder comes in granules or powder form. They have a uniform appearance with no soil or other impurities.

Seenium element , a chemical element that has the symbol Se and anatomic number of 34, is called . The element is nonmetal, but it’s not considered a metal. It lies somewhere between tellurium (on the periodic table) and sulfur. Selenium occurs in metallic sulfide ore, which partially replaces sulfur. Selenium can also be used commercially. It is often a side effect of the processing of these ore minerals, which takes place usually in the manufacturing process. While pure selenium is known, it’s rare to find selenium compounds. The main commercial uses of selenium in today’s world are for glassmaking and pigments. Selenium is used in photovoltaic solar cells. Many of the once-important applications for electronic products are now largely obsoleted by silicon semiconductor devices. There are still several DC power surge protectors that contain selenium and one fluorescent quantum dot.

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While trace amounts are essential for cell function in many animals (including humans), selenium, and especially selenium salts, can be toxic even in very small amounts. This could lead to selenium poisoning. Many multivitamins contain selenium, which is an important ingredient. Selenium also appears in infant formula and some dietary supplements.

Selenium Se powder CAS 77782-49-2:

The powder is an amorphous form of red, which becomes black upon standing. It can be heated to make colloidal and vitreous forms. It melts at 217°C, softens at 41°C and becomes amorphous at 209°C. You will rarely find it in its natural element or in pure ore compound form. Concentrated nitric and liquid forms of common alkalies make it soluble. Makes binary alloys, such as with silver, copper zinc, and lead. It is low in toxic. Essential nutritional factor.

How Is Selenium powder Se Created?

Selenium, a type of sparse elements, is not produced in an independent plant. Anode mud for electrolytic anode contains selenium and nickel. Many methods can be used to purify copper electrolytic anode mud, including high-temperature and low-temperature oxidation, caustic pressure leaching, oxidation baking high-temperature, and low-temperature sulfuric acid leaching. Copper reduction and sulfur dioxide reduction reduce selenium, tellurium, and other elements. Pre-roasting, oxidation and high maintenance cost are the main reasons for complex power equipment. Sulfur dioxide is also harmful to the environment and can cause severe health problems. Furthermore, selenium is difficult to extract and keep pure. Selenium and Tellurium were both oxidized with H2O2 in an acidic solution. Selenium, tellurium, and pH were adjusted after solid-liquid seperation. Tellurium was reduced under hydrochloric acids acidification by using Na2SO3. Selenium recovery was 98% and 98% respectively. Both can be purified to 99%.

Se powder

You can use Selenium in many different areas, depending on how pure it is. Selenium has many uses, including in glass and metalurgical processes, as well as pigments and agricultural and electronic applications. Selenium is used primarily in the manufacture of selenium dioxide as an electrolytic manganese-melting catalyst. It also has other uses in rectifier and photographic exposure agent.

Storage Selenium Powder Condition:

Selenium Sepulption performance and use effects will be affected by damp reunion. Therefore, vacuum packaging should be used and the powder kept in a cool, dry place. Additionally, Se powder shouldn’t be exposed to extreme stress.

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Selenium Powder Properties

Other Titles
Selenium particles, Selenium microparticles, Selenium micropowder,

Selenium micro powdered, Selenium nanon powder

Selenium powder sub-micron, Selenium powder sub-micron


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Gray powder to black powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

4.79 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Electrical Resistivity
106 microhm-cm @ 0 degC

Poisson’s Rate

Tensile strength

Thermo Conductivity
0.00519W/cm/K @ 289.2 K

Thermal Expansion
(25 degC) 37 um*m




Vickers Hardness

Young’s Module
10. GPA

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