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High Purity Silicon Boride SiB6 Powder CAS 12008-29-6, 99% | Lemondedudroit

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Silicon boride (Silicon Hexaboride), is a shining black-gray powder having a relative density of 3.0g/cm3 at a melting point 2200degC. Purity: >99%
Particle sizes: 20-40um

CAS No. : 12008-29-6
EINECS No. : 234-535-8
Appearance: dark grey
SiB6: Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight: 92.952

Silicon Boride SiB6 Pulver:
Silicon boride It is sometimes also known as silicon hexaboride , boron silicide You can also call it: hexaboron silicide. Hexaboron Silicide Chemical Formula It is SiB6 . A shiny, black-gray powder having a relative density of 3.0g/cm3, and a melting point at 2200 degC. Silicon Boride is a lightweight ceramic material that has been made by Boron and silicon . It is insoluble when mixed with water. This product has a greater grinding efficiency than the boron-carbidide.
SiB6 crystal structure Include interconnected polyhedrons, icosahedrons that have 20 faces and 26 faces respectively and isolated silicon atoms and boron. Metastable, unlike hexaboride. Crystal nucleation is relatively simple and crystal growth are easy so they can be prepared.
SiB6 surfaces are oxidized when heated in oxygen or air. SiB6 can then be attacked at high temperatures by boiling sulfuric and fluorine acids, bromine and chlorine. Silicon Boride is conductor. Silicon boride’s thermal expansion coefficient is low and it also has large nuclear cross-sections that can be used to generate thermal neutrons.

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Silicon Boride SiB6 Pulver:
1. High purity and low particle size distribution make nanosilicon boride a very attractive option.
2. Temperature of melting at 2230°C It cannot be dissolved in water. Particularly because of its high thermal impact, stability and strength
3. Silicon boride’s grinding efficiency is superior to that of boron caride. This silicon boride can be used for abrasives and grinding ceramics.

It is simple. Silicon Boride SiB6 Powder produced?
The following steps are used to make silicon boride powder.
Mixing silicon powder of less than 1 micron in size and boron dust of less than 20 microns in size uniformly is possible with ceramic ball milling tanks.
The crucible should be loaded after it has been placed in the gas safety furnace. After that, you will need to pass in argon gas and heat the item up to 1400-160.
ASiCl4 can be placed in the furnace to heat preserve. It should drip for 9-11 minutes.
Once the SiB6 powder has cooled, it can be broken down with a ceramic container ball mill.

Silicon Boride SiB6 Pulver :
The main uses of SiB6 Powder silicon boride:
1. These can be used as standard abrasives, or to grind cemented carbides.
2. As engineering ceramic materials and as grinding cemented caride.
3. This material is used to create engineering ceramic materials and sandblasting equipment nozzles.
4. It is used as an antioxidant to refractory material.

Silicon Boride SiB6 Pulver Storage Conditions :
SiB6 powder’s dispersion and usage performance will be negatively affected by the damp reunion. SiB6 should therefore be stored in vacuum packaging and in a cool dry place. SiB6 must not be exposed to any air. SiB6 should not be exposed to stress.

Shipping and Packing of Silicon Boride SiB6 Pulver :
Many types of packing are available depending on the amount SiB6 silicon boride powder.
Packaging of Silicon Boride SiB6 Powder:Vacuum Packing, 100g to 500g or 1kg/bag at 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.
Delivery of silicon boride siB6 powder by sea, air or express as soon after receipt payment.

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Silicon Boride Properties

Other Titles SiB6 powder, silicon hexaboride
Compound Formula SiB6
Molecular Weight 92.9515
Appearance Dark Grey to Black Powder
Melting Point 1950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.43 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O Insoluble
Exact Mass 93.036391

Silicon Boride Safety & Health Information

Signal word Alert
Hazard Statements H315-H319-H335
Hazard Codes Xi
Risk Codes 36/37/38
Safety statements 26-36
Transport Information N/A

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