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High Purity Titanium aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2 Max,99.9% | Lemondedudroit

Ti3AlC2 is a new type of ternary split ceramic material with special residential or commercial properties that has attracted broad interest from materials scientists as well as physicists.
Particle dimension: 5-10 microns
Pureness: 99%.

Regarding Titanium aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2 Max:
Titanium-aluminum carbide is a brand-new type of ceramic product with a ternary layered framework. It has special residential or commercial properties as well as has actually drawn in large focus from materials researchers and also physicists.

Titanium aluminum carbide (Ti3AlC2) comes from the hexagonal crystal system, which has the features of metal and porcelains: it has the same electric and also thermal conductivity as steel as well as additionally has high flexible modulus and also outstanding high-temperature mechanical homes similar to ceramics. At the very same time, it has excellent homes. The thermal shock resistance, anti-destructive ability and outstanding chemical rust resistance.

MAX phase porcelains (consisting of Ti3SiC2, Ti3AlC2, and so on) are a new type of machinable conductive ceramic material that has attracted much attention. This type of ceramic contains more than sixty ternary carbides or nitrides. M represents the front steel component of the transition team; A represents the primary team element, primarily the components of the third and 4th major teams; X represents the carbon or nitrogen component. Amongst them, Ti3SiC2 is one of the most thoroughly researched. Efficiently manufactured, and also located its excellent performance. Because of the distinct nano-layered crystal structure, this sort of ceramic material has the homes of anti-oxidation, self-lubrication, high interior splitting and conductivity. Feel free to send an inquiry to get the most recent price if you would like to get Titanium aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2 Max in mass.

Efficiency of Titanium light weight aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2 Max Powder:

Titanium light weight aluminum carbide powder is a brand-new type of ternary layered ceramic material with distinct residential properties that has actually drawn in broad attention from materials scientists and also physicists.

< p data-spm-anchor-id=" a2700.details.pronpeci14.i0.75 ac373c0YBD1H" style=" text-align: validate;" > Titanium aluminum carbide Powder( Titanium aluminum carbide powder) is a hexagonal system with both metal as well as ceramic homes: it has the very same electrical as well as thermal conductivity as metal, and has a high modulus of elasticity similar to porcelains and also exceptional heat mechanical buildings. Great thermal shock resistance, resistance to damage and also excellent chemical resistance. Technical Parameter of Titanium light weight aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2 Max Powder:

Ti 73.8
Al 13.76
C 12.24
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