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High Quality Lithium Battery Anode Material Silicon Monoxide SiO Powder CAS 10097-28-6 | Lemondedudroit

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Silicon monoxide can be described as an organic compound. Its chemical formula is SiO. At room temperature and pressure, it’s a dark brown-to-loess-colored amorphous material.
Particle Size 2um


Silicon Monoxide SiO powder for Lithium Batteries


Silica monoxide can be described as an inorganic compound. The chemical formula is SiO. Under normal conditions, it has a density of 2.13g/cm 3. It dissolves in dilute hydrofluoric acids and nitric. This will release silicon tetrafluoride. Silica monoxide can oxidize to silicon dioxide when exposed to air. Slowly condensing silicon monoxide, the vapors become disproportionate (see disproportionation reactions) and form silicon and silicon dioxide.

Silica monoxide is the formula SiO and it’s insoluble in water. Si-O’s bond length is approximately 150.7pm. SiO, a yellowish-brown material in vacuum at 1800 is called. Silica monoxide can be unstable and oxidizes to silica in the air. The stable temperature for Silica Monoxide is 1200°C.

Hydrofluoric acid is used to dissolve silicon monoxide. Nitric acid is then used to give off silicon tetrafluoride. Silica monoxide can be dissolved in a mixture of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid. It is an effective insulator and conductor of heat and electricity. The silica oxide forms a thin film in the atmosphere. It is then passivated. It is able to burn in oxygen and react with water to make hydrogen. In warm solutions of alkaline waters, hydrogen gas can be produced. Silicate forms and then dissolves. It is trusted worldwide

Silicon Monoxide SiO powder for Lithium Batteries


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Silicon Monoxide


Performance of anode material Silicon Monoxide SiO Pulp :

Silicon monoxide is chemically defined as SiO (CAS 10097-2-8-6). It’s an amorphous, black-brown-loess-colored powder at room temperatures and pressures. Silicon monoxide, which isn’t very stable, will oxidize into silicon dioxide in the environment.

Technical Parameters of Silicon Monoxide SiO powder Anode Material

Name of the product Particle Size

( D50 )
TAP SSA Moisture Content Discharge Specific Capacity
Silicon Monoxide 2um 0.91 g/cc 4.7 m2/g 0.1% 1650 mAH/g

It is simple.

Silicon Monoxide SiO powder for Lithium Batteries


1. Silica can be used to make silicon monoxide. After rapid cooling, silica can also react with elemental silicon.

SiO2 + 2SiO

2. SiO2 content 99.5% SiO2 powder, coal asphalt powder, mixed C/SiO2, molar ratio 2.0. This mixture has been treated with vacuum heating. At 1600°C, there is an reduction reaction that generates SiOvapor. Argon gas is then converted into SiOvapor condensation transport. This was the preparation of silicon monoxide small particles below 0.1 mm.



Silicon Monoxide SiO powder for Lithium Batteries


Silicon monoxide can also be used to produce fine ceramics, including silicon nitride or silicon carbide fine powder.

For the manufacture of semiconductor materials, optical glass is prepared using silicon monoxide.

To protect the film, silicon monoxide must be evaporated in vacuum.

It is also possible to use silicon monoxide in the production of semiconductor materials.

In optical applications, such as reflectors, floodlights or mirrors, and in jewelry, silicone oxide coatings are employed.

SiO coatings can decrease reflection or act in interference range.

Sio also lends itself well to reflective coatings made with ZnS, and other materials.

Storage Conditions of anode material Silicon Monoxide SiO Pulp :

a. The SiO2 powder of silicon monoxide should be kept dry and well ventilated.

b. The stacking of silicon monoxide SiO should be clean and neat. It should also clearly identify the production batch number and production date.

Carefully transport the silicon monoxide SiO (silicon monoxide) powder.

Packaging and Shipping Anode Material Silicon Monoxide siO Powder

Many types of packaging are available depending on the amount silicon monoxide siO powder.

Packaging of SiO2 powder silicon monoxide

1kg, 5kg, 25kg, and as many as you need.

Delivery of silicon monoxide siO powder

Once payment has been received, items may be shipped by sea or air as soon as they are possible.

Silicon Monoxide SiO Powder Properties

Other Titles
Silicon(II) oxide, oxidosilicon, oxosilanylidene, oxosilylene,

silicon monooxide, Silylene, oxo-, oxoniumylidynesilanide


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Gray powder to black powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

2.13 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Exact Mass

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