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How nanoparticles are made?

There are many applications for nanomaterials/nanoparticles.

The key to obtaining size-dependent particles features is the definition of production and reaction conditions. Controlling the size of particles, their chemical composition, crystallinity, and shape is possible by using temperature, pH-values, concentrations, chemical components, surface modifications, process control, or both.

You can produce nanoparticles using one of two methods: top-down or bottom-up.
Top-Down/mechanical-physical production processes
“Top-down,” refers only to physical-mechanical particle production processes that are mechanically-physical. They use principles from microsystem technology.
Machinery processes
One method of mechanical production is to use milling to grind microparticles.

Milling causes thermal stress and can result in energy consumption.

As compared to other chemophysical production methods, mills are able to produce particle powders of varying sizes.
Gas phase processes(aerosol processes)
These are the most industrially-scaled technologies that can produce nanomaterials as powder or films in gas phase.
It is possible to create nanoparticles by vaporizing the product material.

– The formation of nanoparticles is possible in flame reactors. Source molecules are decomposed at high temperatures, around 12002200°C.

Plasma (ionized Gas) provides energy to initiate the decomposition reactions in plasma reactors.

Using absorption wavelengths of lasers, they heat the gaseous source material to produce the desired product.

– Hot wall reactors employ vaporization or condensation. 1.mbar). These remove any residual enriched gas phases from the hot zones.

– The chemical gasphase deposition process allows for nanoparticles to be directly deposited onto surfaces. This involves the material being vaporized and then condensed on heated surfaces by chemical reactions.

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