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How to Prepare Ultrafine Spherical Cobalt Powder

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High-pressure water mist

Cobalt Pulp can be used to make cemented carbide, petrochemical catalyst, and hydrogen storage alloy electrode. This spray technique has been used extensively. The technological process is to activate the induction furnace. Once the cobalt melts into the furnace it will leak into the package. From there, the annular liquid of high-pressure water and the tube at the bottom will condense into small drops.

Electrolytic Process

Electrolysis can prepare cobalt metal powder. The basic principle is that you use a cobalt plate and a high-polished stainless steel water jacket to act as the anode. The electrolyte is usually cobalt chloride, or cobalt sodium sulfate in an aqueous solution. An electrolytic cell is powered by direct current. The electrolyte then becomes ionized. The cobalt ions form Cobalt powder at this point. A sufficient amount of active surface agent is added to the electrolyte in order to avoid the accumulation of Cobalt Powder.

Cobalt hydrogen oxide reduction

Cobalt Hydrogen Oxide Reduction is widely used for the preparation cobalt powder for cemented caride. This technique is mainly based upon cobalt oxide (Co2O3, Co2O3 or CoO) and is used to prepare Cobalt Powder for cemented carbide.

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