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IAEC-10nH Isomeric alcohol ether carboxylate, 86-90% | Lemondedudroit

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The penetration and wetting properties of Isomeric Alkohol Ether carboxylate are excellent. They also have resistance to high temperatures, strong acids, electrolytes and strong alkalis. Solid content: 86-90% What is Isomeric ether carboxylate? Isomeric alcohol, ether carboxylate’s penetration and wetting powers are excellent; resists strong alkalis. Strong acids. Electrolytes and high temperatures. Lemondedudroit can be trusted worldwide Isomeric Alkohol ether carbonoxylate. Performance Isomeric alcohol-ether carboxylate products: Isomeric alcohol-ether carboxylate can be compared to normal alcohol ether caroxylate in that it has low foaming and high biodegradability. Technical Parameter Isomeric alcohol carboxylate     Short Name    Purity        PH     Odor Appearance Isomeric alcohol ether carboxylate IAEC-10nH 86-90% 1.0-3.0 N/A Yellow transparent water HTML5_ HTML3_ HTML2_ HTML3_ HTML4_ Isomeric acid ether carboxylate has been used for textile refining, and also as detergents. They offer superior detergency and penetration performance to other surfactants. It’s a good leather processing aid and can be used in many processes like leather degreasing. It’s used for metal cleaning, metal processing fluids, and Isomeric alcohol-ether carboxylate. You can use it to enhance the processing power of metal cleaning products and chipping fluids because of its penetration, wetting ability, and high resistance to temperature. The packaging and shipping of Isomeric ether carboxylate Different types of packing exist depending on how much Isomeric acid ether carboxylate is present. Packaging: 1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel. or 200kg/barrel. Shipping with Isomeric Alkohol Ether Carbalate: Can be by Sea, Air, and Express as Soon as Possible after receipt of payment.


N/A N/A RO-(CH2CH4O)n-CH2COOH N/A Appearance Yellow transparent water Melting Point N/A Boiling Point N/A Density N/A Solubility H2O N/A Exact N/A

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