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Introduction of Molybdenum Disulfide MoSi2 Powder- The Good Solid Lubricant

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Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)

This is an important solid oil lubricant that is also known as “king of solid grease.”

Molybdenum dioxide is a molybdenum concentration powder after chemical purification. This product has a black color, with some metallic luster. It’s also insoluble in water. Molybdenum dioxide has good dispersibility, and is also non-sticky. It can be mixed with various greases in order to make a non-sticky coloidal state. This will increase the grease’s lubricity as well as the pressure.

Molybdenum sulfide works well in high temperature, high pressure, and high load mechanical conditions. It is also good for prolonging the service life of equipment.

Molybdenum diulfide (MoS2) is a versatile lubricant that can be used in many applications. Here are the working conditions:

1. Lubrication in a wide range of temperatures: Lubrication oil and grease are available from about 60°C up to 350°C. You can apply the molybdenum-disulfide solid oil lubricant at temperatures from 270°C to 1000°C.

2. Loading heavy loads on lubrication: General lubricating oils and greases can only support relatively low loads. If the load is greater than the maximum oil film can support, then the oil film will burst and the friction layer will become brittle. The average load that the solid oil lubricating layer can bear is 108 Pa

3. Lubrication in vacuum conditions: In high vacuum environments, general oils and greases that are evaporative can quickly damage and alter the environment. Molybdenum disulfide, a solid lubricating material is used in lubrication.

4. Lubrication in radiation conditions: Liquid lubricants that are used under radiation conditions will polymerize and decompose, causing them to lose their lubricating qualities. Better radiation resistance can be achieved with solid lubricants.

5. Lubrication of the conductive slide surface: This is used for friction on conductive slides such as solar collector rings or motor brushes.

6. Molybdenum diulfide solid oil lubricant can be used for severe conditions.

7. The environment in which corrosion occurs: ship machinery, chemical machines, and any transmission part that works with corrosive media like water (steam), acid, alkali or salt must all withstand chemical corrosion. This situation is a good place to use molybdenum diulfide solid as lubricant.

8. Clean environment: Transmission parts of electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, printing, etc. must not be contaminated. For lubrication, MoS2 is a solid lubricant that can be used.

9. Occasions that do not require maintenance: Transmission parts may be able to function without any maintenance. Other parts will need to have their maintenance frequency reduced to cut down on costs. MoS2 solid oil lubricants are an economical and practical option.

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