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Introduction to The Preparation Methods of Titanium Carbide Powder

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Titanium carbide

This is a cubic, light gray-colored, chemically stable, insoluble in water. While titanium carbide does not react well with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric Acid, it is able to dissolve in water, aqua regia and nitric acids. Additionally, it is soluble in alkaline oxygen solutions.

Titanium carbide (iron gray crystal, metallic luster) is part of the NaCl simple cubic arrangement. These atoms are equivalent to those bonded in strong covalent bonds. Many of its characteristics are similar to those found in metals such as high melting points, high boiling points, hardness, and so on. This is the second most hardening material after diamond.

TiC powder exhibits superconductivity in extremely low temperatures and good electrical and thermal conductivity. TiC is used extensively in the production of heat-resistant alloys, cemented carbonides, anti-wear material, and other high-temperature vacuum equipment. Other fields also have many applications.

Preparation methods for titanium carbide powder

Carbon black and titanium dioxide are two of the raw materials.

Carbon black and high-purity titanium dioxide are mixed together in the correct proportions. After that, the mixture is dried and then formed in hydrogen at room temperature using a carbon tube furnace (or a horizontal carbon tube oven). The titanium carbide powder is obtained by pulverizing the titanium carbide at a temperature of 2300-2300°C. Or, you can use carbon black and sponge titanium as raw materials. Sponge titanium, or titanium alloy, waste recovered from carbide liquid solution, and carbon noir are mixed together in the proper proportions. Finally, they heat to 1500-1700degC using a high purity hydrogen stream.

The direct carbonization of titanium steel:

It is reduced by sodium, or made from titanium hydride. This powder was mixed with carbon black and then heated in high-purity hydrogen until it reached 15001700degC. The type of raw material and the particle size, along with their reactions performance, will affect the reaction temperature and hold time.

Gas phase reaction method:

Hydrocarbons containing hydrogen (methane,benzene etc.) are mixed into the steam of titanium Tetrachloride. The mixture is then used to prepare the titanium carbide by either induction heating, or using other methods. Reaction results in the formation of titanium carbide on substrate. Reaction conditions like the reaction temperature, gas flow rate and concentration of reaction gases are all different. The form of the precipitated titan carbide also differs.

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