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Iridium III Chloride Hexahydrate

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iridium iii chloride hexahydrate is an excellent source of crystalline Iridium(III) for use in chemical synthesis and suitable for bromides, lower (acidic) pH and water treatment applications. It is a highly efficient and soluble catalyst for a variety of organic chemistry reactions.

The present invention relates to a process for obtaining an iridium containing precipitate, characterized in that the halide content of the obtained precipitate is less than 1000 ppm (based on Ir).


Optionally, the precipitate is separated, washed and reprecipitated. The separation, washing and reprecipitation steps are preferably conducted in an atmosphere of inert gas.

In one preferred embodiment of the process, the iridium containing precipitate is obtained by reacting an iridium compound with an alkaline compound in a protic solvent. The alkaline compound is preferably selected from at least one of oxalic acid, a salt of oxalic acid and formic acid and a salt of formic acid.

Alternatively, the iridium containing precipitate may be obtained by reacting an iridium hydrate with an alkaline compound in a suitable solvent in admixture with a protic solvent. The protic solvent is preferably selected from at least one of water, acetic acid and hydrochloric acid.

In addition to the halide content, the precipitate also exhibits a very high purity in other respects. The other impurities, particularly ionic constituents contained in the starting compounds used, such as ammonium, alkali or alkaline earth ions, are typically below 1000 ppm and preferably below 500 ppm (based on Ir).