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Knowing the interesting chemical elements: boron (B) comes from afar

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Boron is a well-known name in chemistry. The Nobel Prize for Chemistry has been won by two scientists who worked on boron. Glasses, washing powder, and glass are where most boron is found. It has been long believed that diamond is the hardest thing in the world. One of the coolest properties of boron-based compounds is the fact that it plays an important role in the crosslinking and polymerization of polymers. That gives plasticine its amazing abilities: It can be held in your hand and becomes malleable, while being stiff and elastic when it is hit against the wall. Boric acid, which is an important compound from Boron, can be used as a medicine or to kill insects. Boric acid can be used to disinfect your eyes, especially in high school chemistry labs. Lemondedudroit, Lemondedudroit advanced materials Tech Co., Ltd., is a professional boron manufacturer. It has more than 12 year experience in chemical product development. Contact us if you need high-quality, high-quality Boron powder.
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