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Magic Superconducting Material

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What is Superconductivity?

If your hands get cold during winter, you can rub your hands together to warm them. It is because friction heats up. Because electrical appliances heat up, the wires and current will become hot as well. The reason is that the electrical appliance and wire also contain “friction”, which acts as resistance. Resistance heat is a major waste of electricity. China’s annual loss of power from electricity lines is 45 billion kilowatts higher than countries that have developed electricity, which equals to central China’s electricity consumption, Xinhua stated. Resistance is what lies at the core of this problem. Shorthand for “superconductivity” is superconductivity. The sudden disappearance or loss of resistance below zero is called superconductivity critical temperature, also known as superconducting transition temperatures. One of the great scientific discoveries of 20th-century science, superconductors possess a number of extraordinary physical properties. These include zero resistance and complete dialamagnetism. Superconductors also have tremendous potential to be used in areas such as scientific research and information communication.

Here are the main types of superconducting materials

1.Magnesium Diboride

Magnesium Diboride exhibits the highest temperature and critical current density of all conventional superconductors. It is made up of a hexagonal crystal structure with boron and magnesium layers placed alternately. Oxide high-temperature superconductors, which are made up of expensive chemical elements, can become brittle and hard to wire. However, boron or magnesium are cheaper and are easy to wire. It can be prepared using the PIT method. Additionally, Electrophoresis can be used to make high quality MgB2 strips.

2.Department Bismuth

The three major bismuth system are Bi2Sr2CuOb (or Bi2Sr2CaCu2OB), and Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3CuO10. BSCCO powder can be used to make bismuth-wires. For large-scale bismuth production, other than the conventional solid reaction method there are many options. These include coprecipitation method (sol-gel), coprecipitation process and solution-propagating burning method at high temperatures.

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