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Maltodextrin must be combined with water reducing agent and pumping agent. Because it’s a type of concrete retarder and can delay cement’s hydration, concrete can reach the construction site from its station.
Maltodextrin – Description
Maltodextrin (a starch derivative with no free starch) is refined and spray-dried by an enzymatic method.

Technical Parameters Maltodextrin

Appearance % Moisture (%) Solubility Sulfate Ashe(%) Standard Light yellow ≥99.0 ≤0.01 ≤0.001% 4.5-6.5 ≤0.6 

Concrete Maltodextrin uses Maltodextrin
Building materials may slow down their setting by including maltodextrin as an admixture.
Contrary to other retarders, maltodextrin produces a higher concrete- and workability-enhancing effect.
Maltodextrin must be used only in conjunction with water reducers or pumping agents.
Precautions Maltodextrin
1. This product is completely safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. It cannot be eaten.
2. In the event that it gets in the eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water.
3. It is important to consult a physician immediately if there are any allergic reactions in an area of the body.

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