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Market Applications and Properties of Tantalum Carbide

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Chemical and physical properties

Tantalum Cartbide is a dark or brown metallic powder with cubic crystals. It’s hard. Melting point 3880; boiling point 5500. Residue density 13.9. Hardness 9 10. Mixtures of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acids are soluble. It is not soluble in water or any single acids. TaC can be used at room temperatures and pressures. TaC can achieve (20+–0.5)GPa or (12.7+–0.7) mpa1/2 respectively. Resilient to any general acid base except hydrofluoric acids. Heating in air can make it into tantalum pentoxide. It can also be fused to potassium pyrosulfate. Hong Ding, Chemicalbook edited the information.

Funktion and Application

1. It’s widely used in cemented carbide as an additive. The main function of this compound is to increase the temperature strength and prevent the growth of particles of tungsten carbide.

2. Use it as a coating on cutting tools to enhance the chemical resistance and wear resistance.

3. The military uses it as a coating to jet engine turbine blades or fire Chemicalbook Arrow nozzles. It can dramatically improve the ablative performance of these nozzles and increase their service lives.

4. Due to its high conductivity. Because of its conductivity, it is suitable for use in electrode materials. It can also be cut using edMwires to create complex shapes.

5. It is used extensively in the aerospace, metallurgy as well building materials, electrical power, mining, and hydropower industries.

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