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Mercurous Nitrate Dihydrate

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mercurous nitrate dihydrate, Hg2(NO3)2, is a white insoluble salt that is the mercury (I) nitrate salt with the formula HgNNO3. It is found as a free element and also as a mineral — it occurs in cinnabar, corderoite, and livingstonite ores. Like all mercury compounds, it is toxic. It is noncombustible and, in addition, it oxidizes rapidly to give off toxic mercury vapor and oxides of nitrogen. It is slightly soluble in water but decomposes to form an insoluble precipitate. It meets ACS Reagent Grade specifications.

Modulation of Slow Magnetic Relaxation in Luminescent Mononuclear Dysprosium and Erbium Compounds by Position of Coordinating Nitrate Group. ACS Publications, 2013. p. 108-109.

See Special Hazards, Fire Hazards, for additional information. Mixtures of metal and nonmetal nitrates with alkyl esters, phosphorus, or tin (II) chloride may explode.