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MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate CAS 164458-73-5 | Lemondedudroit

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We have a new suprafactant for sulfate anionics, MESD30. It is easily dissolvable in water. It has a solid content of 30%
Concerning MES D30 Disodium Peg-5 Laurylcitrate sulfosuccinate A new type sulfate anionic suprafactant, MES D30 Disodium EEG-5 Laurylcitrate succinate. It dissolves quickly in water.
Global trusted MES D30 diodium PEG-5 lacrylcitrate succinate For the latest information please contact us Prices as low as MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate Bulk orders of MES-D30 PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Subsuccinate are possible.

D30 Disodium sulfosuccinate Medication Evaluation System:
MES Disodium PHEG-5 Lauricitrate Sulfosuccinate D30 offers good penetration, hard water resistance and excellent decontamination. MES has a rich foam that resists alkali and is resistant to it. It is also useful as a degreaser, penetrant, penetrant, penetrant, penetrant or wetting agent.

Technical Parameter D30-MES Disodium Larylcitrate Sufosuccinate
Product Name Shortname HTML2_ HTML3_ HTML4_ HTML5_ HTML5_ HTML6_ HTML7_ HTML8_ HTML9_ HTML7_ PH Odor Appearance
Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate MES D30 30% 5-7 You will notice a distinct odor. You can go from a colorless liquid up to a light yellow liquid

Applicaciones MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate:

You can purchase MES D30 (a mild anionic surfactant). Modifying the molecular structure to contain a small amount of citric acids is possible with MES D30. The product is now thicker, and therefore more compatible than MES.

This can be used for making mild soaps like shampoo, liquid shampoos, and even facial cleansers.

Transportation and packing of Disodium Perg-5 Larylcitrate Soulfosuccinate You can choose from many packaging options depending on how much PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate MES-30 Disodium we have
MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate packing: 1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel. 200kg/barrel
MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate shipping: You can send the items by either air or sea after you have received payment.

MES D30 Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate Properties

Other Titles N/A
Combination Formula N/A
Motility N/A
Appearance Fluids transparent in clear and translucent, with the possibility of color change to yellow translucent fluids
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility H2O N/A
Exact N/A

MES – D30 Disodium PEG-5 Larylcitratesulfosuccinate Safety & Security Information

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Security statements N/A
Transport Information

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