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Metal printings–Not just decorations

Market expectation
The building curtainwall is a result of building technologies. The excellent resistance to corrosion, UV, cracking or weathering of fluorocarbon coated aluminum veneers is why they are so popular in high rise curtain walls. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum veneers are not without their flaws. By using the roller coating printing technique, the metal printing plate can be mass produced with better quality than the fluorocarbon-sprayed veneer aluminum.

A type of building material decoration board called the printed metal plates has recently been invented. It is made out of high quality hot-dip galvanized aluminum plates or substrates. There are many patterns that can be created with it. Its performance is superior and its appearance is better.
You can have a problem with a single colour solved by the product’s radiation, antistatic, non-staining or self-cleaning. More options make it cost-effective.
For further processing, construction and compounding it makes use of the printed metal plates. It acts as the metal curtainwall of the inner or outer walls of a building. It performs well in non-combustible, safe- and toxic environments. Additionally, the material has excellent characteristics such as fire prevention and heat insulation. It’s an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose composite material which is new and energy efficient.

Technical tips

After the pre-treatment, the substrate will be subject to high-temperature cure and cooling treatment using three coatings. Next, it is used for three-layer printing.
Design significance and construction purpose of printed plates made from metal

  • Let the multiple-color or single-color coatings be a visual unit with the classic stone series and wooden grain road. Let the brightly colored board, coated in a variety of colors, enter the urbanized field instead.
  • Protecting and conserving the ecology, and lessening people’s use of stone and their damage to natural forests, is an efficient, green, and sustainable product.
  • Lessen load on building.
  • Less use of concrete and/or steel in main engineering design.
  • This construction waste does not pose a threat to the eco-system and is recyclable.
  • Modern metal curtain wall printing panels offer the possibility to add individual details and alter the overall appearance of plain colors.
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