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Modification of Natural Graphite and Artificial Graphite

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A graphite-powder is separated into two types based on its processing technology and raw materials. Graphite makes a good anode material in lithium ion lithium batteries due to its low potential for lithium, low cycle efficiency, excellent stability over time, and low price.

Natural graphite

The majority of natural graphite is made with natural flake graphite and then made into spherical, crystalline graphite. Natural graphite is widely utilized, however it does have some downsides.
The characteristics of natural graphite are many: large surface imperfections; high specific surface area; low first efficiency.
PC-based battery electrolyte causes serious problems with solvated Lithium Ion co-embedding. This can result in the growth and peeling graphite and a failure to deliver the required voltage.

Natural graphite displays strong anisotropy. However, lithium can only be embedded on the face. Rate performance is also poor. These are usually made with dense petroleum coke or needle coal as precursors. They avoid the many surface problems that can occur in natural graphite. But, artificial graphite still faces some challenges, including poor magnification, low temperature performance, separateable lithium, and other issues.

Modification in natural graphite

Different surfactants have been used to treat the surface problems in natural graphite as well as poor electrolyte tolerance.

It is possible to first alter the pore structure of graphite and to increase micropores as well as the lithium intercalation pathway on graphite. To enhance natural graphite’s magnification, high temperature oxygen-free atmospheric sintering (after etching in KOH aqueous solution) can be used.

Second, you can use strong oxide solutions as an oxidation agent to passivate natural graphite’s surface and to reduce functional groups.

Another method involves fluorinating the graphite with ClF3. You can see that both the charge-discharge ratio and cycle length are greatly improved.

To create core-shell particles, another treatment option is to coat the carbon of natural graphite with an amorphous coating. Most commonly, the source of carbon in amorphous material is pitch,phenolic resin or low temperature pyrolyticcarbon materials. A carbon layer allows you to reduce interference between electrolyte and particles. It can improve the intercalation as well as diffusion capability of lithiumion.
This mechanical treatment solves the problem caused by strong anisotropy. In industrial production, the airflow shaping machine uses wind energy to rub the particles against each other, cutting the edges and corners. While this process does not produce doping and it is efficient in spheroidizing particles, it may result in a high number of particles being pulverized and a low yield.

The mechanical fusion machine rotates the material at high speeds within the rotating rotor. After clinging to the wall with the help of centrifugal pressure, the material passes through the stator extrusion hopper at high rate between the rotation rotor. The material is then subject to both extrusion and shear forces. In order to achieve the aim of spheroidization the surface will undergo mechanical melting because of the frictional effects between particles and their equipment.

Spheroidization results in natural graphite having a particle size between 15 and 20 mm. These factors make it more efficient and better for the second efficiency, as well the performance at magnification.

Modifications in artificial graphite

Modification of artificialgraphite. This modifies artificial graphite in a way that is distinct from natural graphite. The organization of particle structures can reduce graphite’s OI value, which is the degree of position of graphite grains. Most commonly, the diameter of the needle coke precursor (with a diameter of between 8-10 millimeters) is used. Carbon sources such as asphalt, which are easily graphitized, are then used to make the binder. After several particles of needle coke are treated with drum furnace, secondary particles of about 14-18 m in size are combined to graphitize the material. This can reduce its Oi.

Graphite Powder

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