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Molar Mass Calculator

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Molar mass is a measurement of the number of atoms of a certain element in a molecule of a chemical compound. The molar mass of a compound can be determined by multiplying the atomic weight of each of the elements in the formula by their respective molecular weights and adding all the results together. Molar mass can also be found by dividing the total mass of a compound into the number of moles of the compound.

For example, the molar mass of magnesium chloride is Mg(ClO2)2 or Cl2MgO4. It is also known as Chlorine Dioxide. It exists as a yellowish-green gas above 11 degC, a reddish-brown liquid between 11 degC and -59 degC, and as bright orange crystals below -59 degC. The molecular weight of chlorine dioxide is 3148 g/mol.

To find the molar mass of any chemical compound, simply enter its chemical formula and click ‘Compute.’ This will give you the molar mass in grams per mole, and you can then convert it to other units of measure like kilograms or liters. The molar mass calculator also displays common compound name, Hill formula, elemental composition, mass percent composition and allows you to convert from weight to number of moles and vice versa.

For instance, to determine the molar mass of blood alcohol (C2H5OH), you will need to titrate a sample of blood with an acidic potassium di-chromate solution. This method will produce a color indicator that shows the presence of ethanol in the sample. This is the same method that is used to test for drug abuse in the United States.