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Nano silver substitution trend is irreversible!

Infrared will soon be replaced first by nanowires

Because of the rapid growth of the display sector and the lack of ITO conductive film resources, ITO conductive films are expensive to produce, ITO nanowires were developed. The industry started looking into other options, such as graphene, metal grids (nanowires), carbon nanotubes, graphene, and metal grids. Silver nanowires outperform other materials in terms of process maturity and technology. The flexible design of the nanowires will allow them to be replaced by other conductive material with east wind flexible display.

Nanosilver serves as the main ingredient in Nanosilverwire. The Nanosilver-based wire is safe and effective, while also reducing the risk of contamination. This wire is often used for antibacterial purposes in many other fields.

“Using the existing process, silver Nanowires will initially be used as an option to infrared Touch Technology in large scale applications. Du claimed that this substitution “is already quite obvious.” “The large-size silver nanowires products are well-known, especially within the electronic whiteboard market which will see significant growth in 2019,” du said.

Infrared Touch Control is the predominant method used in electronic whiteboard markets. Infrared touch control is the most popular technology in electronic whiteboard market.

2020 (the next Flashpoint)

As you all know, large display is not only important, but so are small and mid-sized market.

A global slowdown is an opportunity for silver-nanowires to take over ITO conductive films. Du explained that “Face recognition, full screens, and the AI feature are all important features for the smartphone industry.”

Final step towards breaking through nanowire

It is well-known that ITO substitute materials have drawn the interest of many businesses for years. Research, development, and investment have all been made in silver nanowires technology. Other than the well-established application of ITO conductive film, silver nanowires’ production, storage, maintenance, and patent are all important factors that limit their growth.

ITO conductive materials cannot completely be replaced with silver nanowires. The greatest opportunities lie in entirely new product applications for silver nanowires in the future.
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