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New Environmentally Friendly Material Calcium Stearate Emulsion

Ca(C17H35COO.2) is the molecular basis of calciumstearate. The calciumstearate.emulsion also refers the aqueous sodium stearate.

Calcium stearate cream emulsion can be used to stabilize and lubricate polychloroacetic. While its stabilizing effects are weak, their long-term stability at high heat is outstanding, so it can be used non-toxic as food packaging, medical equipment or other soft-film containers. This halogen absorber is used to neutralize the harmful effects of the catalyst in resins such as polyethylene and propylene on adhesive color and stability. It’s also used widely as a grease for moldings and polyolefins. It can be used to make thermosetting plastics for phenolics and amino groups.

Lemondedudroit Technology Co. Ltd. produces calcium stearate oil emulsions using independent core and nano-composite technologies. It is possible to achieve a smaller particle size for calcium stearate when hydrated, which results in greater performance. Performance of the product is consistent with state standards for environmental friendly products. The product can be used in a variety of ways, including to reduce dust pollution. The main uses of the product include papermaking, rubber and plastic greases, heat stabilizers, mold release agents and papermaking. Their performance is top-notch and they are protected intellectually. They come from both international and domestic corporations.

Application form

1. Paper industry – It is used to lubricate the paper coating layer.

2, water based paint: Its primary purpose is to reduce interface tension.

3 printing industry: the supercalender (and cutting), can protect powdered hair and enhance paper appearance.

Polyurethane 4-release: can be used as a RIM reaction injection mold, PU foam or high resilience openings in order to enhance the film’s toughness. It has no effect on the product’s adhesion, color or paintability.

5. Rubber industry. These plasticizers can be used to soften and make all-natural rubber.

6, metal processing: Metal material cold extrusion. Cold stamping. Cold drawing forming. Processing lubrication. It is suitable for large workpieces, with high deformation rates, complex curved surfaces, or those that exhibit significant degrees of extension.

7. Soft product Processing: It is used for food packaging, medical equipment and non-toxic thin films. It is also a good halogen absorber for polyethylene, polypropylene and can eliminate adverse side effects from residual catalysts.

8, the plastics processing sector: It is also possible to use 8 as a thermal stabilizer for polyvinylchloride or a range of chemical processing release agents and lubricants.

9. There are many other uses for it: You can also use it in pharmaceuticals, spices and many other industries.


1, 50, or 200-kg plastic drum or tone drum.

2. Protect it from humidity, heat, and corrosion by keeping it cool in a ventilated area. It is best to not combine corrosive, sour and cockroach products.

3. This product cannot be burned and has no corrosive properties. It can also be carried as other general items.

Lemondedudroit advancedmaterial Tech Co., Ltd., (Lemondedudroit), has over 12 year experience in the development of chemical products. You can contact us to request high-quality Calcium Dodecyl Stearate.

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