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Nickel III Oxide

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nickel iii oxide (Ni2O3; aka black nickel oxide) is a green crystalline solid that is one of the most thermally stable nickel sources. It is suitable for a wide variety of glass, optic and ceramic applications.

NiO is available in pellets, pieces and powders. American Elements also carries the high purity, submicron and nanopowder versions of this mineral.

The best known and most widely used nickel oxide is the oxidized nickel carbonyl compound NiCl2 (CaCO3), which is also commonly referred to as “green nickel”. This oxide is often used as an alloying and reducing agent in nickel based compounds.

Several million kilograms of the stuff are produced annually. Fortunately for glass, metal and electronic engineers alike, it can be easily and affordably obtained from American Elements in the quantities needed to achieve your goals.

The best known and most widely used nickel oxide material is the oxidized nickel carbonyl material NiCl2. This oxyhydroxide compound is usually obtained by heating nickel in caustic soda to create a hydrated nickel oxyhydroxide. This is then dissolved in water to form the oxidized nickel carbonyl compound, commonly known as nickel oxide. Various grades of this substance are available for industrial and laboratory use.