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NiO Compound Name and Etiquette

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nio compound name

NiO is one of the most popular basic metal oxides and has been in use as a hole transport material for thin film solar cells, for battery storage and in anodic and cathodic electrochromic devices. It is also the precursor to several nickel salts whose various properties have been exploited in the past and are still being applied today.

nio compound name and etiquette

NiO is a solid that is insoluble in water but attacked by base or acid. It is an excellent catalyst for hydrogenation reactions. It is a good conductor of electricity, with the ability to dissipate heat at temperatures above 340degC. It has been used as a lubricant for motors and in some cases to deter the growth of bacteria. It is toxic when ingested, and can be flammable if heated to decomposition. It should be stored in a cool dry place, and only handled by qualified personnel. The most common hazards include skin sensitization, eye irritation and upper respiratory tract irritation, among others. The best way to avoid these hazards is to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and a clean work area.